A Getsummered Photography Show


Another Saturday well spent at Rockaway Beach Surf Club


If you haven’t made your way out to the Rockaways yet this summer, then you need to make it happen! It’s been going off at RBSC and last weekend featured a photography show from our friends at Getsummered.

You know the OvR fam was on hand to support our own, with homies Chris Martin & Peter Giang showing off some of their skill behind the lens.


Creating Art in Real Time!


One might say art was imitating life, or that life was imitating art. It seemed pretty clear that day at the beach, art is life and life is art. There was no imitating going on, the camera wasn’t lying, everything seen here is authentic.

On a day we enjoyed and celebrated the work of the talented man behind the lens, Cmart ripped off a few of these awesome shots, capturing the mood of the day and the good times on hand.

So here’s the gist on how a proper OvR beach bus day usually goes down…

Busing To The Beach…

Beaching to the Bar…

Barrin’ to the Bus…

Bussing to the Bed…

Now that is a Summer Day well Spent!

You haven’t missed the summer yet, it’s only just begun. With the DAY LIFE parties goin off at Rockaway Beach Surf Club all season long, the OvR Beach Bus Rocking to and from the beach all season long, and the good times flowing all season long, you can still get down. But don’t sleep on it all season long…What are you waiting for?



More pics on Facebook.

Get on the OvR Beach Bus to Rockaway HERE