And so it begins… Shred Flick Premiers Mean #WinterIsComing

Where you in the crowd?

“>Crowd at Orensanz Foundation

Picture a night full of so much energy, that WuTang is resurrected.

RZA Rocks the Stage
RZA Rocks the Stage ~Photo by Ray Mendez

Picture an event so big, that the father of snowboarding appears.

Burton sure can throw a party… and from what I can remember, post open bar and camera flashes, it was a damn good time.

If you missed the movie premier, you can watch the highlights above. But do yourself a favor and get your hands on it. Go to the official 13 site, watch the trailer and see how you can get your hands on the flick.

So what’s next?

IP2 Trailer

Snowboard movie premier season is officially upon us!  This Friday 9/21/12 you can look forward to the unveiling part one of TEN of Volcom’s unique twist on shred flicks, #IP2

IP2,  or “Individually Produced Parts,gives 100% of the direction and content. “for Volcom’s 2012 Snow project… We identified the riding characteristics of our team, matched them up with a videographer and gave them the green light. We are excited to share their personalities, travel experiences and shit they pulled off this past season.”


IP2 Trailer

Details for Friday’s event:

  • No Cover
  • Doors open at 8pm
  • Cake Shop NYC  (down the street from Max Fish)
  • 21+ (bring ID)


If you’re not getting pumped, check your pulse.