OvR East Coast MK. II Goggles DROP!!!

This new BOSKY Optics / OvR Goggle Collab is the JAM!!!


These high performance, environmentally considerate goggles will give your on-snow game the clearest turns and the clearest conscious!!!

The Bosky/OvR Collaboration OvR East Coast MK. II is the second generation of Bosky goggles made from higher performing natural and recycled materials. The frame is built around an oversized spherical lens for the ultimate peripheral range in vision and clarity. Designed with the highest quality materials, the MK. II goggle features a flexible plant-based urethane frame.

This is the first goggle ever built using all natural materials!!!

The tear-resistant hemp ventilation system allows for higher airflow than foam, which reduces lens fogging. This is one of the best features of the goggles. Unlike plastic or foam the strong hemp vents allows air and moisture to flow through it and breathe instead of trap it inside. The vents are both in the top and bottom so air passes through easily.


More comfortable and more conscious than any google out there!

Instead of using the standard toxic polyurethane face foam, the OvR East Coast MK. II offers a 100% recycled Polartec fleece face cushioning that is both warmer and friendlier on the face. As you carve through the powder, witness their true performance capabilities.


100% UV protection dual spherical lenses are a must during the bright sunny days as seen above. But there is a wide array of lenses that you can get from BOSKY to suite any condition on the mountain.

GoggleLenses-1 copy

You’ll be seeing well while looking good!

Tear-resistant Japanese fine-woven hemp vents are one of the best new technologies. They are super strong and light these vents will not tear and are extremely functional. Included in the kit is a microfiber goggle bag designed by artist Madeline Getzoff which will clean the goggles after a long day of shredding.

Rep the East Coast wherever you ride!

With the OvR/Bosky logo wrapped around your head you know everyone will be jealous when you are repping these epic goggles on the hill !!!

These Goggles also fit extremely well with or with out a helmet, which ever you prefer. They are not super bulky around your face, though they do provide maximum visibility.


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Words and Photos- Christopher.W. Martin @CMARTPHOTO