Breck – OvRRide Spring Classic 2016

Some Serious Snow Fell Our Last Day

Every Year when the snow starts to melt away form the East Coast, the OvRCrew always takes a trip out west to COLORADO. This trip was not only my first time at Breck Resort, but was also my first time riding out West ever. If you’ve never been, then you have been missing out because everything about the trip is just awesome.

I admit that I was a little nervous heading out to the Rockies. People talk a big game about Western Mountains, and having never been to one,  I didn’t quite know what to expect. Yes the terrain is gnarlier than you average East Coast mountain, yes the views are second to none, and YES I HAD A BLAST.

Can’t Beat This View
One Happy Guy

This gnarly East Coast Winter has definitely made me a better all around rider. After the mish-mosh of conditions this season, the Rockies’ snow was a welcome change. Day one the crew  reunited with some old OvR homies and hit up the favorite local mountian – Keystone. We got the insiders tour and hit a bunch of really awesome tree runs, chutes, gulleys, and gnarly back bowls.

Day two the squad hit up Breck and I can tell you that the mountain most definitely lives up to its name. Breck is a MASSIVE mountian and definitely has a bit of a learning curve when it comes to navigating it. There are so many different chair lifts that zip you all over its 10 PEAKS. We didn’t hit all 10 but we sure as hell tried. The highlight of Breck was hiking up to the Imperial Bowl, traversing along the top, and dropping in on a gnarly bowl that was wide open. Fresh turns were had and the crew was hyped.

The View From The Top of Imerial Bowl
Dropping in on Imperial Bowl

On the third day we went to A-Basin, which is unlike any mountian I’ve ever ridden. The whole mountain is wide open and you can pretty much ride in any direction you want to. Whether it be the frontside Montezuma bowl, or the wide open back face, there were plenty of options in terms of terrain. My favorite runs were in Montezuma because you could just literlally go wherever you wanted.

Cody Throwing Snowballs

After an awesome thrid day of riding, we decided to call it… or so we thought. On the ride back to Breck, leaving A-Basin, we haphazardly decided to stop back at Keystone for some final turns (bc/ Keystone is only 5 minutes from A-Basin) and it was totally worth it.

Peace Out Colorado, You Were Awesome


Colorado is a blast, and I sincerely hope to see you next year!

As always…


This is Jeremy Mountain!

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