We have barely got in a week of November and I’d have to say, the East coast is doin’ pretty good for itself! We had a major snowfall, Killington is open AND we’ve got a handful of events to look forward to in the next couple of weeks. This week is the second anual New […]

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BK’s Winter Stoke Event

  Did you do your homework and go to Burton’s “Standing Sideways” premier last week? If you did, I think you’ll agree that you did yourself a favor. That flick definitely didn’t disappoint. I’m going to go ahead and even say, in my personal opinion, it might have been one of my top picks for […]

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What the Rest of October has in Store for YOU!

I don’t know about you, but I have mixed feelings about this weather. Yeah sure it’s nice bike riding or skating weather… sun’s shining and there’s a beautiful breeze. But I’m getting excited for fall! As we know, the sooner the chill sets in, the sooner the SNOW comes down! In the meanwhile I’ll keep […]

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Just Getting Warmed Up!

So, I don’t know about you, but it‘s days later and I’m STILL recovering from all the events last week. Well, in case you missed it (or just want to relive it) here’s what went down! The “Art of Flight” premier last Wednesday was awe inspiring! The street outside the Beacon Theater was packed.  As […]

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Rep Your Crew

Get out with with your crew and help OvR Rep Our Crew!!!

OvRride is teaming up with Nike 6.0 to showcase the east coast vibe in this spring event our favorite local mountains: Hunter MT Sat. Apr. 2nd.

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Spring IT ON

Its time for the annual change of the season celebration. So far the 2010/11 riding season has been one worth remembering. The good news is… its not over yet – ITS OvR!!! Join us Thur. Mar 10th at Gallery Bar to celebrate the great season we’ve had and anticipate the always promising spring conditions ahead.

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Brooklyn is getting OvRridden

Yes its true. Most of us here at OvRride call Brooklyn home.

Its about time we got a shindig in order. Join us at Good Company tomorrow night (10 Hope Street
Brooklyn, NY) and find out why OvR loves BK as much as it loves us.

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OvRridin’ Bars Everyday

Usual scenario, you come out to the OvR Kickoff party for one or two beers. Several shots later… it’s hours past your self-imposed curfew. You know you’ve gotta be up early tomorrow, for work, school or  maybe even to drive up to Killington to get your shred on, but you can’t seem to drag yourself […]

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OvRride Season Kickoff Party

Snow is Back….. That means its Party Tynes!!! It’s worth celebrating that Killington is open again, that snow’s been falling on Hunter Mountain, that OvR has trips planned from now until April, that, that, that…….. I can’t take it anymore!!! Let’s get together and celebrate at the OvRride Season Kickoff!!! We’re teaming up with the […]

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