Snow’s in the Forecast! Get Geared up!

So I finally had my first day on the hill! A little sore, but well worth it! Beautiful blue skies on Saturday and Sunday… and even a few flurries on Saturday morning at Stratton to make it a perfect opening day. It didn’t hurt that Burton at Stratton hooked up OvR with a great discount: […]

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BK Buzz Brings on the Snow!

Have you ever thrown a party so good that the skies part and the snow falls? Well, OvR is proud to say that last Thursday we did just that! Not only did we get a little snowfall on Thursday (Stratton, Mt Snow and Killington all reported between 3 to 5 inches!) but we managed to […]

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What the Rest of October has in Store for YOU!

I don’t know about you, but I have mixed feelings about this weather. Yeah sure it’s nice bike riding or skating weather… sun’s shining and there’s a beautiful breeze. But I’m getting excited for fall! As we know, the sooner the chill sets in, the sooner the SNOW comes down! In the meanwhile I’ll keep […]

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Hoodie Weather Hits NYC

Killington reported its first frost this week, Colorado had its first flaks and in NYC hoodie weather has officially commenced. In a rider’s mind that all means one thing, snowboarding season is about to drop! There are a few events on the radar over the next couple of weeks you’ll want to make your way […]

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Vermont Wants YOU!

First off, all of us here at OvRride wish to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the tremendous response and outreach from everyone in response to the overwhelming devastation brought to the Northeast by Hurricane Irene.  As you many of you are aware, the arrival of Hurricane Irene on August 28th brought with it […]

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Time to Taste the Rockies!!!

April doesn’t mean your season is over. It means your season is OvR. We have you covered with a spring trip classic out to Breckenridge Colorado.

We are here Killing IT Right now – Stay Tuned for Pics and Epic tales!!!

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Ground Hog’s Day Miracle!

We’re at Hunter Mountain today and there’s already about 5 or 6 inches on the ground at noon and it’s still coming down! Probably, no, definitely one of the best days out.

Don’t Miss Wednesday at Windham or Mount Snow Thursday!!!

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SNOW Hits NYC!!!

Did we have to hit you in the face with it to remind you winter is here?

Snow is taking over NYC and the best way to appreciate it is to get out of work and hop on the last of the SNOWSTORM EMERGENCY Buses: Hunter MT 12/30!!!

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Brooklyn has spoken

OvRride is teaming up with the crew at both Ride Brooklyn & Skate Brooklyn to answer the call of the people. There’s finally a way to get from Brooklyn to all the best mountain resorts on the East Coast.

Ride with us from Park Slope to the Slope!!!

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