Strap on your Stratt and rock with us as we head up north for the VT “experience”. You wanted options and a way to hit bigger terrain, so we reached into our road case and unleashed the Stratt.

Join us and see why the US Open calls this VT resort its home.

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Burton OvRrides

The Burton Flagship Store is proud to present the Hunter Mountain Day Trip series: Don’t Miss The Bus!!!

OvRride is teaming up with the Burton Flagship Store to help you get from the spot you bought your Burton gear to the spot you’ll be using it.

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Sugerbush Trip

History is doomed, or in this case delighted, to repeat itself. Hence these trips are back and bigger than ever!!! OvR is partnering with Sugarbush Resort to bring back the nostalgia behind “The Sugarbus”.

End every month from Jan-Mar. by reliving the glory days with that modern OvRride flavor!!!

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Killington Trip

March comes in like a lion, and so does OvR!!! We’re bringing in spring just like we bring in winter-Wobbling up the highway, on the hill and in the barn.

Be there for your winter before it goes away! After all winter was there for you when you needed it. Join us at Killington Winter FarewellWeekend!

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Back to the Front!!!

We’re heading back to Skirmish USA for another day of paintball on some of the most fun terrain, unique obstacles, and diverse fields ever assembled.

Next trip is Saturday Sept 3rd and we are itching to launch the assault.

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Windham Trip

While lift lines start to crowd the weekend scene, Wednesday is fighting for your right to shred. When Wednesday calls your name… Answer the call!!!

Why Not Wander the Wonderfully Wicked Wedgie? (All trails at Windham) There’s no good reason not to.

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