Chile South America: Summer Upside Down

The Epic Journey continues… We are heading to South America to the peaks of the Andes Mountains!!!

OvRride doesn’t stop when the snow melts, because it’s always snowing somewhere. When the dead heat of summer gets you thinking of heading somewhere cool, why not take it over the top and go straight to winter. Join us for our trip to Chile in July where it’s Summer Upside Down. It’s like riding on the moon!!!

Some of the world’s best riding and skiing is in the mountains of Chile and we put together a mix of the best. As we always do, we’ve worked with the area’s most trusted reps to bring you the best resorts, terrain, and local flavor. After all, when you travel to the other side of the world you’re going to want to take it all in.


Roundtrip Direct Flight Info
• Direct flight leaving JFK Airport July 15th Friday evening at 8pm.
• Arrive at Sanitago Airport 6:50am Local time Saturday Morning July 16th.
• Departing as new and improved people from Santiago Airport Saturday evening 9:25pm.

Leisure Time Around the City
You’re going to want to experience the city of Santiago in Chile. With our scheduled “leisure days” to hang around town you’ll have free time to acclimate yourself to the culture. We’ll have all day Saturday July 16th, the better part of Sunday the 17th, and again Saturday the 23rd – to check out the museums, cafes, wineries, and local shops.

Nightlife in Chile
OvRride never leaves the nightlife out of our plans. We’ll be spending 2 nights in Santiago at the Dominica Hostel, strategically set on a Friday and Saturday evening. You’re going to want to check the unique local culture afterdark. Santiago enjoys the spectrum of beer-by-the-liter & plastic tables, to fine dining & glasses of local artisan wine.

Mountain Lodging and Accommodations
When we arrive at the mountain we’ll be staying at the ultra homey Powder Lodge located in the village of Farellones and right next to a chair lift at the Resort El Colorado. It seemed like the obvious choice, not only due to its central proximity to the 3 Valley Resorts, but also its true Chilean rustic mountain feel and world class accommodations.

Our stay includes daily breakfast, Apres meals, and dinner and if that’s not enough each meal will include a glass of complimentary local wine. No doubt we’ll also be taking advantage of the outdoor hot tubs for mind and body healing daily.

Mountain Riding Schedule:
• Monday July 18th – El Colorado Resort (Right at our doorstep)
• Tuesday July 19th – Valle Nevado Resort (Legend of the Area)
• Wednesday July 20th – La Parva Resort (Best Kept Secret)
• Thursday July 21st – Valle Nevado Resort (Round 2)
• Friday July 22nd – El Colorado Resort (Round 2 – Ski Arpa CAT Ski option also available)

Optional CAT Tour at Arpa
Since it’s offered in Chile (reportedly some of the best riding in the world) we put together an option within the trip to head over to Ski Arpa.

What is a CAT Tour? If you’d like to join us, July 21st we’ll depart Farellones Thursday evening for Hotel Inca, a quaint lodge nestled in a remote mountain range. A CAT ride will take you to the top of untouched terrain and a the best local guides will be corralling the experience as you descend some of the freshest snow in the world. No chair lifts for this one. It’s a cruising ride up on the CAT and an unforgettable shred down the big back bowls of the Chilean Andes. There is additional cost for this experience but it will surely be priceless.