Demo Days!

Thinking about getting a new board?

Confused about what to get? I mean with all the options… traditional camber, reverse camber, banana, magnatraction, banana-traction, flat, hybrid!!!

Not mention all the different brands, lengths, flexibility levels… There’s so much to consider!!!

Well the best way to know what works best for you and your style of riding is to “try it before you buy it”! Starting next weekend at Killington, and then throughout the remainder of December, you’re going to have the opportunity to join OvR and do just that.

Saturday Dec 15th & Sunday Dec 16th

Never Summer Industries will be joining us at Killington and offering free demos exclusively for OvR between 9:30AM and 3PM. Never summer reps will be on hand to tell you all about the boards and help you decide which is best for you. There’s more in store at the Wobbly Barn.. when we check out the boards in action at the premiere of “Days of Chunder” and you can enter to WIN YOUR VERY OWN NEVER SUMMER SNOWBOARD! 


The following day Basin Sports will be holding their annual Killington demo with all a full spectrum of this year’s hottest snowboard & ski brands. Reps from every brand will be on hand to help you get on their newest gear and fit you for the right stuff


Look out for word on Hunter MT’s rescheduled demo days. Which are currently being rumored to have backed it up to Dec. 22nd & 23rd!

So I guess you can call this.. a “try it before you WIN it event” … See you there!