Snow + Stratton + Vermont Open = ExStrattonGanza

So what’s ExstrattonGanza?

It’s when you mix a whole bunch awesome things together to get one GREAT weekend. Allow me to elaborate…

You start with a snowy  March! With over a foot already last week, there’s more on its way this week. That means were looking at a few more weeks of shred… and just in time for what you’ve been asking for a 2day / 1 night VT Getaway… ExStrattonGanza 3/16-3/17!

Next, mix in some Stratton! Because you love Stratturday so much, you’re likely to really enjoy on that lasts until Sunday. Looking to stay the weekend, but can’t get off work on a Friday, or just can’t spend more than 2 days out of NYC we got you! Take the regularly scheduled Stratton bus on Saturday 3/16, ride or ski all day, stay Saturday night at the Inn at Stratton, then after riding/sking Sunday 3/17 – board the specially scheduled bus back to NYC (DEPARTS Inn at Stratton at 3:15pm 3/17).

Vermont Open at Stratton

Finally (as if you needed more) add a big weekend long party! Not only can you celebrate St. Patrick’s day the right way (beer and snow go hand in hand!)… But you’ll also be at Stratton for the Vermont Open! Be there for the halfpipe and slalom competitions, the music, parties and BBQ brunch! This is an event you won’t want to miss. Check out the weekend activities and competition schedule here.

Join us Sat and Sun 3/16-3/17 for ExStrattonGanza and the Vermont Open & Definitely #DontMissTheBus