Hudson River Whitewater Rafting

We just can’t let go. OvR is still riding. If snow melts into the rivers then we’ll just follow and ride it there. Enter – Whitewater Rafting Season. The river has been at record levels and our June trip was INSANE. Join us Friday July 29th – Sunday July 31st!!!

There’s a reason to look forward to what’s next because what’s next is a whole new flavor of the same brand of OvRride.

We’re heading up in the party bus to a different kind of partying. We’re camping in the woods, roasting marsh mellows over a fire, and hoping in the wild waters of the Upper Hudson. (This is not your floating down the Delaware in PA, leave that to the Quakers)

It’s a great trip out in a truly scenic setting that hasn’t changed much since Henry Hudson named it.

Danger, you ask? Just the right amount. There’s enough action to get everyone stoked, but safety is clutch. We have a licensed guide in every boat familiar to the local waters, along with all the appropriate safety equipment to ensure the right kind of goodtimes.

Details: $285 Includes

• The kind of roundtrip transportation that does the highway the right way (refreshments will be refreshing)
• 2 nights of camping in the greater Lake George/Upper Hudson region of NY State
• 2 days on the Whitewater Rafting on the Upper Hudson
• Access to well lit Volleyball Courts, canoes, and the cleanest camping bathrooms and showers ever
• Local creek rope swing lunacy
• Campfires and all they entail
• Breakfast and lunch, and post River BBQs.

Bus Departs Friday:

(Arrive 15min early)
• Blades DT 659 Broadway New York, NY – 2pm
• Ski Barn Paramus, NJ Rt. 17N (parking across the street at Stop & Shop) – 2:45pm

If you’ve never joined us, what are you waiting for? No skills necessary – its a raft going down a river…. A bad ass river.

We are limited to only one bus due to accommodations and guide availability for these dates so get on up and sign up now!!!