Insiders Look at Hostel Tevere

A Hostel Built On Community

20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_104OvR travels around the world providing guests with amazing memories, many created by staying at some truly awesome lodging accommodations. OvR’ Sugarbush Trips offer guests the ability to experience one of our crews favorite places to lay our heads to rest, Hostel Tevere.

Hostel Tevere is owned and operated by husband and wife duo Giles and Sarah.

“Hostel Tevere came about when two young Americans living in Rome decided it was time to make a change. Giles, originally from Milwaukee, was studying international relations, and Sarah, from Cape Cod, was working as an architect. We traveled, stayed in some really great hostels, and some very bad ones, and thought we might give it a try. And here we are, in Vermont, with a hostel, bar, and restaurant, keeping people comfortable and happy through a different, fun, relaxing lodging option in the Mad River Valley.”
Hostel Tevere Website

The hostel provides guests with everything you could ever need under one roof: inviting lounges, a warm fire place, a game room for all ages, cozy beds, fun and fresh aesthetic, a fully stocked bar with a rotating beer tap, and a restaurant serving some of the best food you will ever have.

It’s not just the amenities that make this place so special it’s also the people. Hostel Tevere’s staff is nice, helpful, and fun spirited, giving guests a carefree experience. Guests also have the comfort of enjoying their stay with all of those around them, be it other guests, staff, or some neighborly Vermont locals. The hostel’s atmosphere is all about a welcoming community and creating lasting friendships. It’s a place of memories with the opportunity to create new ones.

Thanks Shannon Roddy for the wonderful images.

Lower Guest Spaces

20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_138 20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_12220140223_OVR_Sugarbus_121 20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_136 20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_13520140223_OVR_Sugarbus_143 20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_142

Upper Guest Spaces

20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_134 20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_133 20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_13220140222_OVR_Sugarbus_088 20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_131

Bar and Restaurant

20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_119 20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_115 20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_11420140223_OVR_Sugarbus_112 20140222_OVR_Sugarbus_086


20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_126 20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_125 20140223_OVR_Sugarbus_123

Don’t just take our word for it, hurry and book your reservation for one of OvR’ Sugarbush trips to experience the magic for yourself.


  • Sugarbush Weekend III
    March 28th – 30th