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Ladies Progression Session 1 OvRrides Killington

After an amazing day of rockin’ out on the mountain with 47 amazing women, there’s one thing I know for sure: I can’t wait to shred again!

It’s tough finding the words to describe the feeling, but I can tell you it’s beyond inspirational.

Session 1 helped us all to see how community can bring together a group of snowboarders. From a personal perspective, the highlight of my day was talking to everyone at the end of the day and seeing the excitement in their eyes, talking about learning jumps, 180’s, hitting new features in the park or even simply just linking a turn or feeling more confident on a blue trail for the first time.

I love every single one of my shred buddies male and female alike, but for too long snowboarding has been a male dominated sport. Guys out number girls on the hill, have more gear to choose from and often more role models. But Saturday’s Session 1 was our chance to be part of a crew of strong, inspiring women and to raise the bar on women’s progressive snowboarding! It was our time.

The event is best summarized by some of the OvR crew members that helped hold it down on Saturday- both on the bus and behind the scenes:


Favorite moment? Of course there are too many awesome moments, I can’t narrow it down to one. I think I gotta say top three: 1) Taking on Neffland in a pack! No more lone park wolf girl life! 2) That moment during lunch where I realized, women’s snowboarding is so much more than just some trendy boards and cute tiger pants, it’s an opportunity to forge bonds of sisterhood amongst a world that makes us feel competitive. That and the beauty of learning and sharing within a community. Glorious. 3) The end of the day smiles. Especially Amanda, keeping that grin on up until it was absolutely time to go home.


The purpose of this program? To connect ladies with other ladies who shred! We’re creating a supportive community of like-minded adventuretts who are getting out there, having an amazing time, making memories, progressing the sport, and just overall killing it.


The most valuable take away for me? Self-confidence and positive encouragement is a powerful thing. I think Session 1 was the perfect example of it. Many of us, no matter how long we’ve been riding progressed in some area of riding!


There was a total “no holds barred” attitude we all took on that completely ruled how we approached the mountain.  Every single run, this group of women was going out of their way to hit every feature and learn something new.  It was a total inspiration – I have never progressed or had so much fun in a single day on the hill.

Session 2 Will be at Mt Snow on Feb 23rd

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Big shout out goes to Shannon- who not only killed it in the park- but did so carrying around camera equipment and perfectly capturing the event!
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