Nitro’s THE BOOM, NYC Premiere at the OvR Season Kickoff Party


Since we expect to be far over capacity, raffling off snowboards, skis, and a ton of RAD gear from all the brands that keep NYC on the snow… We’re putting out word NOW, so you can save the date & RSVP. Full Details coming soon…

Cale Zima, Brandon Cocatd, Gerry, Shane, Butters
Cale Zima, Brandon Cocatd, Gerry, Shane, Butters

The annual Season Kick-Off party is a hallmark and an important OvR tradition. Every year, as the snow starts to reach the mountains we frequent, we celebrate in NYC. It’s a time to get together and unleash a collective snow dance so enticing the gods must comply. BRING US WINTER!!! Put on your snow dance pants and unleash another season-setting display!!! No doubt our unparalleled level of stoke will provoke Mother Nature to send us that epic winter we deserve! This year features another Red Bull Media House Film EPIC release. They are just ON FIRE this Stoke Season! Watch the trailer, get psyched and get out with the crew for the official NYC Premiere Event!!!

Boom! - Zepplin

THIS IS THE SNOW EVENT OF THE STOKE SEASON!… So get down and join us for when we host the CAN’T MISS OvR Season Kickoff Party Thu.Nov. 3rd!

The stars of the film are the Nitro Snowboard team, Eero Ettala, Marc Swoboda, Benny Urban,
Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Sam Taxwood, Brandon Hobush, Griffin Seibert, Dominik Wagner, Sven
Thorgren, Marcus Kleveland, Torgier Bergrem, Nils Arvidsson, Ludwig Biltoft, Basti Rittig, Zepplin
Zeerip, Knut Eliassen, Victor De Le Rue, Jeremy Jones, Elias Elhardt, Jan Scherrer, Markus Keller,
and many more.





Surprises in store! #DONTMISSTHESHRED #OvRSeasonKickoff #DropTHEBOOM

Bryan Fox, Curtis Ciszek, Seth Huot
Bryan Fox, Curtis Ciszek, Seth Huot

Full Details coming soon… Venue, Times, Raffles, Drink Specials and Everyone Involved


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