On The Hill With Jeremy Mountain: 12/6 Mt Snow


WoOoOoOoOoOoooo hello there people! As you can probably tell already, I am STOKED. This past weekend I ran OvR’s first trip to Mt. Snow and what a fantastic day it was. It was sunny, the crew was dope, and just look at how happy getting on the mountain can make you!

Just look at how happy Snowboard P is!
Just look at how happy Snowboard P is!

Now we all know that this season has been off to a slow start. The El Nino may have been kind to the west coast, but here on the east coast, temperatures have yet to drop . This weather has been detrimental to the start of the season but I digress.

Quantrell breaking the laws of physics.
Quantrell breaking the laws of physics.

…Because the Mt. Snow Trip was amazing. First of all the weather was absolutely gorgeous, a clear bluebird day with temperatures in the high 40’s.  There were a bunch of trails open from top to bottom and plenty of snow on them to play with. As per usual this early in the season, the center of the trail was a bit icy, but if you stuck to the sides it was a ton of fun pushing some serious snow around. Mt Snow’s terrain park, Carinthia, was open as well. I’m willing to bet it just might be the best terrain park open on the east coast (at least out of the ones I’ve been to).


Bluebird skies aside, what made the day so epic for me was the crew. We’re used to having awesome guests join us for killer sessions, but if this group was any evidence of who’ll be rocking Mount Snow Sundays this year, it’s going to be a tough trip to beat! Riding tough were names like Shane Mcgrane, Pericles (aka Snowboard P), Quantrell, and Giorgio. Even Brother Shredmond made it up, and considering the fact that he ran a trip up to Stratton the previous day and had zero sleep, proof of the stoke was real. Also in attendance, some OvR fam that work at the Burton NYC store. Solid crew, solid moves being made!

IMG_2708 (1)

Everyone shredded the day away, with a bunch of runs down Little/Longjohn, and laps through Carinthia to get those early season park sessions in. The ol’ GoPro was in full effect and the crew was throwing it down! I finally landed my first proper back 360, which I was super psyched on, then went on to land a few more. Boardslides, lipslides, and 5-0’s aplenty, Carinthia was OvRridden! Look out for an edit coming to the site soon!

End of day, we all returned back to the bus cracked a few cold ones and drank down celebration of the excellence of the day. It really couldn’t have been a better Sunday! Truly wish y’all who missed the bus could have joined us. Haven’t you heard?… DON’T MISS THE BUS!!!


This is Jeremy Mountain!

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