On The Hill With Jeremy Mountain


Hello folks, Jeremy Mountain here, and boy am I glad to be back. I am currently sitting in my living room drinks some Coors tall boys with the homies fantasizing about snowboarding, something I think we all do from time to time. But enough about fantasizing because we are fully in the Snow Season. I’ve been fortunate to go riding 6 times, with another two trips coming up this week.

This past week I was psyched to make two excursions up to Vermont. I went up on the 15th to Mt. Snow and then on the 17th to Killington. It was my first trip to Mt. Snow this season and my first trip to Killington ever!

The Mt. Snow trip could not have come together any better. All the homies came through and made it one of the best days on the hill so far. My brother, Shredmond Mountain ran the trip with me, and then as the night went on more and more homies hopped on. By the time the bus left we had Dan Stonier, Pericles, Jackalone AKA Riggler, Fwankenstein, and even lil Ms. Shreddardo.

The conditions at Mt. Snow were glorious to say the least. The sun was shining and it was a true bluebird day. We popped a bottle of champagne on the first lift up to toast the perfect day.  It was warm enough that we were opening our vents and actually worried if the beer would be cold at the end of the day (don’t worry it was). We even found an untouched powder run roped off, so in classic OvR fashion we hopped right over that rope and made some fresh lines.

Carinthia was on point, the snow had softened from the warm day and we were taking full advantage of it. GoPro in hand we lapped the park and got a couple clips. It’s always a little nicer knowing that when you’re gonna go down (which is very frequently for me at least, not from my lack of ability but the fact that I prefer to just “huck it” resulting in some hilariously bad results) its into some actual snow and not the frozen beast that most of us on the Ice Coast have come to expect. We all got some tricks; boardslide fakies were learned, switch 50’s were attempted, and 360’s were stomped. We headed back to the bus and toasted the day with some ice cold Saranacs

A day and a half later with barely any sleep I was back at Killington with another great crew. Brother Shredmond joined me once again along with “Buffalo Bill” Cody and Don (apologies for the lack of nickname). When we arrived the temperature was -11 but the sun was still shining.

Killington is a massive mountain, but we still managed to cover every peak and park. We started off with some runs through the Stash park, lapped the main gondola, and then spent the rest of the day in Neff Land. Neff Land is a near perfect park, there are tons of jibs and booters that increase in size and gnarliness as you make your way down. There’s even a half pipe that we were all practicing frontside and backside airs on.

The park was a little hard to find for us, and I’d be lying if I said that we didn’t have to unstrap because we blew right past the entrance not once but three times, but once we found our way we lapped until the end of the day. Tired and satisfied we retired to our buses.

Ill be heading back up to Mt. Snow this Thursday and then Hunter Mtn on Saturday. Get up on the hill and get shredding people. Maybe I’ll even see you up there.

This is Jeremy Mountain, on the hill, going down.