Recap: Ladies Night @ Snowmotion Sports

Ladies Night: The ladies of OvR gathered together for an evening celebrating women on snow, progressing together, health and wellness, and community!


This past Tuesday night, down a mysterious alley in Greenpoint, 40 women gathered together for a night celebrating snowboarding, health and wellness, and community. Thanks to Michael Marchand and Snowmotion Sports for providing the venue, the evening started off strong, literally, with the ladies signing waivers and jumping into practicing for ollies and jumps with open trampoline practice. Michael gave each girl tips for how to maintain core control and stability while jumping in place and practicing gaze and focus during spins.

After meeting and greeting and playing around, two mini talks were given on health and wellness for staying fueled and fit for the winter season. Lara Zakaria, Foodie Farmacist spoke about proper nutrition to keep us feeling good before, during, and after riding. We learned not only to carb up appropriately, but to chase every adult beverage (as if we can give up those up) with a cup of water. Oh, and bananas are GREAT even though they don’t travel well (frozen dark chocolate covered bananas are good for you?!!? Oh hey!) As Lara spoke, we noshed on some pizza courtesy of the awesome Williamsburg Pizza as skipping meals in definitely a no-no for staying well and feeling good.


Once we knew about what to put in our bodies, Abbi Klein of Omie Wellness shared specific yoga moves that can help improve overall strength and flexibility, as well as focus on the mountain. We all got down into our fiercest pose, Utkatasana, squatting to create leg strength, while opening the chest to avoid collapsing forward or back. She shared the importance of year-round physical activity to help us keep our stamina on a powder day, when you don’t want to break, and how deep diaphragmatic breathing can assist us in staying not only focused on the next move (don’t hit that tree!) but relaxed as well (muscle tension from being scared bombing the hill sucks!)

Michael then spoke about tips for progression and how his indoor and on mountain training can help us improve our skills and become better riders. Not only was the importance of lessons and good training highlighted, but we were able to identify who else was trying to progress in specific areas. A few hands shot up in getting more comfortable with basic riding skills, while others waved in excitement over the idea of stepping into the park and learning how to handle rails and small jumps safely. Some women were stoked to learn to ride switch and get comfortable in advanced terrain. Overall, it was a great opportunity not only to meet other lady shredders, but to find who would be a great support to ride and progress with during the season!

With all that snow and health talk and new friends made, some awesome items were raffled off, such as a Marmot Gore-Tex shell, a seat on the first OvR Lady Shred Session trip, and everyone got some goodies, including a discount for Aegir Boardworks. With prizes and swag distributed, the girls got a chance to be girly, getting make up touch ups by Katy Ryan [ #colorbyktryan], a super fun photo booth set up by Shannon Roddy with an awesome template designed by LuLu, creating lasting memories for the night!

Ladies Shred is ON!!!

women's snowboard sessions: ladies only

Announcing the Three Lady Shred Sessions Dates

Saturday January 10th
Saturday January 31st
Saturday February 28th


In honor of our early announcement of all three sessions, we are offering reduced rates for multiple bookings. Lady Shred Sessions At Killington Rates


*Special Rate for all 3 Learn to Ride Sessions, $399.95
*Sign up for 2 Advanced or Intermediate Sessions Receive $20 off the 2 Trip Package
*Sign up for all 3 Advanced or Intermediate Sessions Receive $50 off 3 Trip Package


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