Rep Your Crew

Get out and Rep Your Crew at the Nike 6.0 Spring SlopeStyle Jam!!!

OvRride is teaming up with Nike 6.0 to showcase the east coast vibe in this spring event our favorite local mountain: Hunter MT Sat. Apr. 2nd. A jam is the name of the game and is all about getting out and showing your style. No time or place is more appropriate than two of our local mountains during the closing spring days of a great 2010 / 2011 season. The event will be judged based on style more than difficulty

Registry is open to the first 50 crews of 2 riders, skiers, or a combo of the both. Rep Your Crew in a jam session along side food, drink, music, raffles, giveaways, and goodtimes. Our judges will dwindle down the crews as the event goes on until there’s only a few for the big finals run. Our finalists will be medaled and prized appropriately.

Enter the contest or come hang on the deck… either way your reppin’ your crew.

Sign up for a trip today and get to the good times.

There’s no better way to get in your final days than joining your favorite riding crew OvR and helping us REP.

Hunter MT Sat. Apr. 2nd

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