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Mount Snow Saturday Day Trip Mar. 16th

Seats Available


Guests under 18 years of age are welcome to join us as long as they abide by the terms of the OvRride Age Policy, and we are aware of the underage guest.

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Mount Snow Day Trip Description:

There’s a reason to wake up early and get on the good bus to Vermont. Mount Snow is one of southern Vermont’s premier mountains! If it’s a big mountain, more snowfall and terrain options you’re looking for, then Mount Snow should be in your bag. You can ride everything from wide open groomers to scenic tree runs.

If you get down in the park, you definitely need to check out Carinthia, voted the number one East coast terrain park by TransWorld magazine. The 95-acre all-mountain park lives up to the rep with well planned and well maintained jumps, jibs and 2 pipes.

Still a novice?... Mt Snow's learn to ride/ski school will have you shredding in no time! Their instructors are world class and set themselves apart with some of the highest standards of any ride/ski school classes in the business.

Amenities are plentiful, with the notable 6-pack high-speed bubble chair, The Bluebird Express flying to the peak to keep you protected on colder, windier days. If you're lucky, you might even get the golden bubble... FACT, the first chair on the Bluebird is gold and holds a legendary significance amongst the locals. You're show to be all good when you kick off a run fresh off the golden bubble.

After all... snow is what you want, and there’s no name in snow like Mount Snow!!!
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Mount Snow Day Trip Includes:

• Day Trip out of the city and up to the big VT mountains

• All area lift ticket at Mount Snow (transit only packages available)

• Charter Coach Bus round trip transportation

• Snow sport videos, entertainment, refreshments & sporadic raffles

• Great people & One hell of a good time!!!

Mount Snow Day Trip Rates:

Mount Snow Early & Late Season Rates:

All Area & Bus$209.95
Bus Only$119.95


Mount Snow Midweek (Non-Holiday) Rates:

All Area & Bus$209.95
Bus Only$119.95


Mount Snow Weekend (Non-Holiday) Rates:

All Area & Bus$219.95
Bus Only$119.95


Mount Snow Holiday Rates:

All Area & Bus$239.95
Bus Only$119.95


Rental and Lesson Packages:

Rental and Lesson Packages for Mount Snow are not available through OvRride.

It is your responsibility to book your own Rental and Lesson Packages directly through Mount Snow and OvRride is not responsible for the availability of Rental and Lesson Packages at Mount Snow.

Rental Packages can be booked directly through Mount Snow’s rental portal.

Lesson Packages can be booked directly through Mount Snow’s lesson portal.

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  Bus Times:

Downtown Brooklyn
578 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn
Corner of Atlantic & 4th Ave
Ny 11217
Bus departs at 3:30 am
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The North Face (UWS)
2101 Broadway
(Broadway & 73rd)
New York, Ny 10023
Bus departs at 4:30 am
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Union Square (NW of UNSQ Park)
41 Union Square West
corner of 17th St & Broadway
New York, Ny 10003
Bus departs at 4:00 am
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