Tap New York 2019 Day Trip Sun. Apr. 28th

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Guests under 18 years of age are welcome to join us as long as they abide by the terms of the OvRride Age Policy, and we are aware of the underage guest.

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Tap New York 2018 Day Trip Description:

Something magic about mixing the number 21 and a few brews… It’s the 21st Annual TAP New York Craft Beer &amp Fine Foods Festival at Hunter MT. With the encouragement and support of New York State brewers, guest breweries, cooking demonstrations, Hunter MT, and all the beer lovers from New York and beyond, the Hudson Valley Beer and Food Festival (Tap New York) is proudly the longest running beer and food festival in New York State.

Tap New York & Hunter MT are honored to once again to present the best beers New York has to offer. For those thinking of joining us for the first time and it is important for you to know that the festival is not just about beer. It’s a great day away in the Catskills with live music, beer-friendly food, good times, great people… and beer. This year the festival is featuring an eating experience down “Memory Lane”, recreating a sampling of the best food from the last 16 years.

Join us for a cheers to the great season behind us at Hunter MT, and the great season ahead. Come visit all the our brewers, enjoy the great food and remember to register for the “All the Beer You Can Carry” drawing. Yea… that’s a real thing (perhaps cargo pants?). Hope to see you there!

Tap New York 2017 Trip Includes:

• Day Pass to TAP New York Craft Beer Festival
• Over 300 tastings beer tastings (Dare you to try em all!)
• Bottomless Food samples (the hearty mountain type… you won’t go hungry)
• Roundtrip Transportation on “The Fun Bus” – We’ll be your Designated Driver
• Live Music All Day
• Cooking Demonstrations… more food samples
• Audience to witness and partake in the Best Beer Awards

Tap New York 2017 Trip Rates:

All Day Pass & Bus$99.95
Bus Only$69.95

  Bus Times:

Union Square (NW of UNSQ Park)
41 Union Square West
(corner of 17th St & Broadway)
New York, Ny 10003
Bus departs at 9:00 am
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The North Face (UWS)
2101 Broadway
(Broadway & 73rd)
New York, Ny 10023
Bus departs at 9:20 am
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