Breckenridge Spring Classic Description:

Its that time again – Time to taste the Rockies!!! OvRride is heading out to Colorado to keep the tradition of riding at two of the premier mountain resorts in the world, Breckenridge and “The Legend” A-Basin.

When snow begins to melt on the East Coast OvR turns wagons west!

Last year we thought we were heading out for some soft Spring turns, but instead we got over 2feet of fresh snow and big powder turns. Springfest at Breckenridge transcends the weather with a week long schedule of live music, restaurant & bar specials, and the vibes of a well spent season coming to a close.

Drop the cornice into A-Basin’s Montezuma Bowl, then head into the rustic lodge bar to try the legendary A-Basin Bacon Bloody Mary. Head out for Colorado’s super secret Springfest bar crawl… if you can find it. Drop into the “Windows” and hit the “Lake Chutes”. Find your way to the Breckenridge Brewery for Apres’ and get some half price apps and pitchers at high altitude. You’re not going to want to miss this trip!!!!!!

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