Snow Fiend Missions are ON!


That’s it… We can’t wait any longer. After that October open tease, it’s time to make it happen!


You’ve been waiting long enough! It’s time to kick off the east coast winter and there’s no better place to start than Killington! You know that feeling… Looking at pics of people killing it, having a hell of a time, shredding their faces off… You’ve been watching shred flicks, haven’t you? Been counting down the days until you are strapped in, cruising down with a shit-eating-grin on your face? Well get ready to rock because IT’S GO TIME!!! Snowfiend Missions for the early season are scheduled and you’re not going to want to miss the bus!

The OvRride Snow Fiend Mission

Wait no longer… OvR is heading up to Killington for the first day trip of the 2015/2016 Season!

To Early You Ask? Clearly you’re addressing the wrong audience! It’s never too early to get the season started!!!


Touting the first to open in all of North America, Killington’s been firing off those snow guns since early October! They have some of the best snow making facilities in the world and their staff shows up, Gunz A Blazing, earlier than any other area resort. Sure, things warmed up a bit, but you have to have faith that their crew is going to make it happen! No snow, Killington’s got you covered by covering that ground with the best snow money can buy! After all, it’s The Beast in the East and Beast Winter is on!

OvRride Snow Fiend Mission Part Duex

Can’t make the first trip up? We’ll be heading up again on 11/21/15 for a second pre-Thanksgiving weekend helping!

Early season at Killington is the best in the business!!!


Can’t get out until Thanksgiving Weekend? We’ve got a few options to get you on the mountain!


OvR High Five Sq

Ready to Commit to Beast Winter?

Get a Killington High 5, and get up to Killington 5 times for the price of 4! Really after hitting Killi once, you’re going to want to get back up there for a few more trips this season, so commit now and Save Dat Money! This is a limited time offer and prices at Killington may increase. Get a High 5 Today!!!

killingtonHigh Five Killington- $439.80 down from $549.75


Once you purchase your High Five Package, you’ll be emailed a unique coupon code. When you want to use your High Five, just reserve your trip as you normally would. Before the final check out, apply your coupon and your trip will be deducted from your High Five. If you are signed into your account, your coupon will appear in your shopping cart automatically and all you have to do is click on the box to apply it to your purchase, finalize and done! The value of your applicable purchase will apply to your total purchase, and will automatically keep track of your balance.

Season is HERE! It’s Time to KILLI IT!!! IT’S GO TIME!!!

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