Spring Fever at Breckenridge!



Breckenridge Colorado is a magical place.  With over ten peaks to choose from there is terrain for all skill levels. Each peak has its own features that distinguish it from the other. You could literally spend a couple days shredding each one finding all the gems and searching out every amazing line. The OvR crew definitely covered a lot of ground last weekend and we shredded the rockies tough.

The views from our hotel rooms were all exceptional.


 On the way to Breckenridge we stopped off to get food and provisions for our long weekend. Since our rooms were fully equipped with kitchen and common areas we were hyped to have some time to chill, crack a beer or two and cook up some food. The energy was high and everyone was excited to get out and shred the following day.  By the time we got up, there was an accumulation of 4 inches from top to bottom on the mountain. We all got ready super fast to enjoy the new cold, fluffy snow. The crew all ran laps off the higher elevation lifts until the sun warmed everything up and and got super soft. It was go time!!





 The next couple days we would sleep in and get out there later in the morning. Since the temps dropped dramatically after sun down the soft snow quickly froze up until the sun hit it again the next day. The groomers were super fast during the early a.m. As the day progressed the snow turned into spring mashed potatoes and were being pushed around to make sweet little jumps and hits throughout the mountain. The spring conditions were perfect and considering it was bluebird everyday we couldn’t ask for better weather. Mother Nature knows how to show OvRride a good time, especially in Colorado! 
After a long day of shredding its always nice to sit back with the crew and have an ice cold beer. Everyone wanted to party with us 🙂


Tom Bond Blasts!

The last day was filled with park laps and a 3rd Eye Blind concert off the base of peak 8. The Spring Fever was in full early 2000’s mode and we couldn’t complain. The OvR crew was going for it hard in the pipe and the many features off the Colorado Super Chair. The conditions kept getting better and better as the day progressed. When the mountain wrapped up there were a ton of give aways and the bud light girls were blasting off shirts throughout the crowd from the surrounding balconies. They also were shooting out epic passes! Who ever snagged one was definitely hyped!! Cheers!!

 Third Eye Blind, Free Giveaways, Free Food, Lots of Craft Beer, Always a good time!!

Third Eye Blind

 OvR RIDING AMERICA WITH OvRride is the best thing for SPRING!!


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