Sugarbush II: Back to the Bush

I can’t believe it’s March!! Spring’s right around the corner and I feel like we’re just getting warmed up!
SugarBush SugarBus II just rocked last weekend, and with a total of 18 inches of fresh, I don’t think I have to tell you that it was fantastic! And yeah, it was pretty perfect, the storm made for great riding: soft groomers and knee deep pow in the trees (oh those trees)! But let’s not forget the company, great riding crew, dedicated snow lovers that charged both on and off the mountain. Cause anyone that’s been on an OvR weekend trip knows, it’s all about the snow AND the party.
The Hostel Tevere came through as always, the bar was hoping with our crew and some locals. Good food, DJ and full bar… what more do you want? Breakfast?!? Yeah we got that!
And for the “short bus” crew that made it happen and rolled up with Dennis and I, you get some extra high fives. Just wanted to throw out a thank you for coming out on the late bus and making it happen… we’ll always have the Slidebrook 😉

Don’t miss Sugarbush III: Springfest its right around the corner Mar. 25-27th!!!