Sugarbush MLK Weekend Went OFF!!!


Some things never change…


Once again OvRride Sugarbush came through in proper OvR to The Bush fashion! Being our original mountain destination (the grounds of the first ever OvR trip), Sugarbush is a true pride of our on-snow program. For some reason we’ve always had such a great communion with this mountain… it always seems to snow for us when we get the crew BACK TO THE BUSH!!! So why would our first (in what we’re sure won’t be our last) 4 day MLK weekend be any different? Perhaps the snow gods at Sugarbush were holding out to reward us with our decision to spend the long weekend at the resort, because it was that last day… that MOUNTAIN MONDAY… that MLK DUMPDAY when the rewards of our efforts were delivered.

Rocking the “Late Bus” to the mountain


Since we had the extra day to enjoy the mountain, our bus departed a bit later then normal to allow some of our M-F goers the chance to get that full work week in. You can bet that didn’t kill the energy for this crowd… our crew was AMPED! You could definitely feel the excitement as the ol’ Fun Bus made its way up the Thurway and into the backroads of VT. Fueled by Saranac brews and visions of the goodtimes in store, we kept it going until our late arrival on the scene. As soon as we pulled into the Sugarbush Inn, mountain rep and friend to the program, Tara Prychodnik jumped on the bus to greet us with smiles, Sugarbush hype talk, lift tickets and room keys. Keys and tickets in hand, we get settled into their rooms to crash out for an early morning.

Day One… Bluebird Freezer!


First of three days out was a cold one, but the bluebird views and cold fast snow helped keep things fresh and fun. Speaking of fresh… it didn’t take long to find some of that soft fluffy stuff in the world class Sugarbush Glades. A quick jump off trail and into the trees usually brings you fresh tracks and high fives at The Bush. When its cold outside, it’s all the better to get that workout going, legs burning and boards & skis floating!

If you’re game… Get in the Trees at Sugarbush!!!


There are worlds of VT POW stashes in the Sugarbush Glades. If you need a little guidance, follow one of the OvR crew in… just beware we’re always GOING FOR IT IN THERE!

When the sun goes down, the Bush keeps Rocking at the Hostel Tevere!!!


After our first day on the mountain we back down the access to road to visit our growing VT fam at the Hostel Tevere. Was that a baby at the bar? Damn right it was!!! Welcome new OvR fam Findlay Wright Smith, the chillest baby you’ll ever meet at a bar! Yes friends from NYC and other city dwellers… babies and bars are not mutually exclusive.

The band was as hot as the beer was cold and both were a perfect compliment to meatball sub night, provided by The Common Man Restaurant’s pop up kitchen right there in the Hostel. Before you knew it the baby was replaced by a swarm of local patrons joining our crew to celebrate the first of night of the MLK weekend… and (foreshadowing) to rock the VT snowdance into the later parts of the evening.

Day Two… Prepping for the Storm!


Things warmed up on Day 2 and the holiday crowd took notice. The mountain was packed, but if you know how to play the game at Sugarbush, you can make the best of busy days (btw… there aren’t many of those at The Bush, part of the charm). It was a transitional day, starting out sunny with the same bluebird condition we appreciated the day before, but things turned a bit gloomy and you could feel the snow in the air!

Hot tip for a holiday weekend at Sugarbush… get over to MT Ellen!


A few of the MT Ellen runs are long, fun leg burners. Rock Upper to Lower FIS and by the time you get back to the lift, you’ll wanna take a break. Knowing how to avoid lift lines on busy days is part of the Sugarbush science. Sugarbush Parks also rolls out a lineup at the MT Ellen park worthy of lapping. For you park goers out there… if you haven’t rocked the Sugarbush Parks, you have to get up there!


Unfortunately for a few of our favorite Packers fans up in VT… the gloomy end of the day rolled into a gloomy outcome in the NFC Championship game for the Cheeseheaded nation. That said, the game was rocking and I’d defy anyone to find a better place to watch the Sunday NFL games then down at the Hostel Tevere. Even though the bar backed the Packers and the outcome went to the Seahawks, that game was HOT and the bar was pumping!!! Sure… it didn’t hurt the local scene that the Pats went on to win later that night which was a cause for more celebration.

What certainly didn’t hurt spirits was the DUMP that finally arrived!!! So much of the snow chasing game comes down to being in the right place at the right time. Is it coincidence that so often for us Sugarbush is that right place and our OvRride Sugarbush weekends are the right time? I guess you can choose to believe as you like, but there certainly seems to be something bigger going on when we roll into town!

Day Three… Mountain Monday… MLK POW DAY!!!



Time to get up and get after it!!! We got the snow, we were in the right place and it was the right time!!! East Coast proper POW day!!! First Chairs on Heavens Gate Chair were straight FACESHOTS!!! Once that was a bit tracked you could count on the Castlerock Chair to deliver when it opened an hour later… MORE POW TURNS!!!

OvR Vultron POW Crew lead the HYPE into the Freshies!!!

On behalf of the OvR crew and all the Shralpers out there, we dedicated our MLK POW day to our friend, long time OvRride supporter and legendary Slidebrook/Sugarbush Snowboarder Noel Korman, who passed tragically passed this holiday season. Every time OvRride jumps in the Slidebrook, we’re riding with Noel and there was no doubt his presence was felt out there in the trees. It was all “High Fives and Positive Vibes”!!! Thanks for the snow Noel!!!

The Main Event was on… The Slidebrook!

The strap in was DEEP, the drop in was STEEP and the turns were EPIC!!! World class glades, and no one had touched them!!! Our crew got the legit cold, east coast, untouched, freshest lines in the game!!! It’s kind of impossible to contain the giggle turns when you’re knee deep in VT!

Here’s the anatomy of SLASHING that Fresh Stash

One of the best features of the Slidebrook is the run out to the road. Almost all signs point to Slidebrook road, so its really hard to get skunked. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, and you probably shouldn’t head out there without someone that knows the zone. That’s why you ride with OvR!!! You know we know that run out!!! Just be sure when you get to the bottom to be like Dan here and DON’T MISS THE BUS back to the base!


Once Again Sugarbush rolled out the white carpet for another awesome OvRride Sugarbush! BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT AND HAD A GREAT TIME WITH US! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN SOON!!! Maybe… in 2 weeks when the Sugarbus heads BACK TO THE BUSH!!!

 Be Like Dan… DON’T MISS THE BUS!!! Join us for one of our remaining Sugarbus trips this season!!!


okemo-icon• Sugarbush Wkend I: Return of the Sugarbus Jan. 30 – Feb 1st.


okemo-icon• Sugarbush Wkend II: Hostel Takeover Feb. 27 – Mar 1st.


okemo-icon• Sugarbush Wkend III: Springfest Mar 27th – 29th




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