Sugarbush Recap…Springfest this Weekend!

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Sugarbush has been an OvR crew favorite for years. We don’t know if we love this place so much because of the epic tree runs Sugarbush resort offers, or the amazing lodging accommodations at the Hostel Tevere, or the awesome people who come on this trip, or the great friendships formed, or some of the best food we’ve ever had thanks to the chiefs are the Hostel. It might not be one single thing, but a combination of everything these Sugarbush trips provide to our guests and crew.

Poetic sentences, active adjectives, and colorful words can help to illustrate the beauty and delight Sugarbush brings to our memories, but we feel pictures do the most justice. Thanks to Shannon Roddy for the wonderful images.

Bus Ride to Sugarbush

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One of our greatest treasures and what makes us run OvR trips day after day are the smiles this company brings to our guest’s faces.

The Hostel Tevere Experience

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Hostel Tevere offers guests the opportunity to eat amazing food, drink beer, wine, and custom cocktails, play games in the game room, and lounge in one of the many cozy rooms.

Sugarbush Mountain

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Blue skies, warm spring conditions, and great friends make for some prettying amazing snowboarding and skiing.

Thank you everyone who came out with OvR to Sugarbush February 21st – 23rd. If you want to enjoy an incredible adventure at Sugarbush with OvR it’s not too late. Check out the March 28th – 30th trip and book your reservation now, before it sells out.


March 28th – 30th Trip

Also stay tuned for an OvR feature on Hostel Tevere to give you an insiders look at what makes this one of OvR’s best lodging accommodations.



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