Into the Mind

Philadelphia Premiere of Into the Mind

If You Are Even Near Philly Check This Out. Into the Mind is coming to Philadelphia and you should check it out. This is Sherpas Cinema‘s last East coast stop before heading back West on their premiere tour. If you need a reminder of how epic this film is check out the trailer. Trailer: Details: […]

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‘Into the Mind’ Premiere Recap

OvR Gets a Healthy Dose of Inspiration From Awesome People and an Epic Film Premieres are one of our favorite aspects of the snowboarding community. They allow us to reconnect with friends, get pumped for the upcoming season, see the progression of the sport, and lets face it, party. The premiere of Into the Mind […]

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‘Into the Mind’ New York City Premiere

Might be Last Minute, But Get Your Butt to This Premiere   We got word of a kick ass premiere, Oct. 17th, that is a bit different then your standard snowboard film. Into the Mind is, well…. lets have the people at Sherpas Cinemas tell you: “This is a story of rising to the ultimate […]

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