Adidas Samba Boot Review

Does Adidas Have What It Takes To Be In The Snowboard Industry? Adidas Snowboarding arrived on the scene in 2013 backed by some of the industry’s biggest pros. Names like Jake Blauvelt, Eric Jackson, Keegan Valaika, Helen Schettini, Kazu Kokubo, and Forest Bailey bring about such weight in snowboarding that everyone expects big things from […]

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Bosky Goggle Review

Photos by: James Morse Giving Planet Earth A Fighting Chance Fishbowls, quick changing lenses, polarization, frame-less profiles…. many goggle companies push their R&D departments to create products with the hope of revolutionizing the industry as well as turning a great deal of profit. Most of the progression in goggle technology has been to provide the […]

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Déjà vu Movie 2013 Film Review

An Artist Goes Snowboarding   Details: Company: Déjà vu Title: Déjà vu Movie Directed by: Hayden Rensch & Greg Desjardins Running Time: 00:39:10 Where to Buy: Buy DVD Here Trailer: Opening Sequence: The film begins by showcasing these Canadians not fucking around. Déjà vu’s opener travels around the world finding the perfect spots then destroying […]

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