Wednesday @ Windham


WHAT ARE YOU USUALLY DOING ON HUMP-DAY? It Is all smiles at WINDHAM MOUNTAIN on Wednesdays!! This mid-week adventure is always a guaranteed great time. It is an amazing trip for beginners because there is usually minimal people flying around the trails. So you can focus on getting down the hill safe and enjoy yourself. […]

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On The Hill with Jeremy Mountain

Windham Wednesday February 5th, 14 This past Wednesday I had the fortunate opportunity to run our weekly trip to Windham. I awoke well before dawn, and as soon as I glanced out the window I immediately had a pit in my stomach. The snow was violently swirling to the tune of the polar vortex and […]

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Windham Trip

While lift lines start to crowd the weekend scene, Wednesday is fighting for your right to shred. When Wednesday calls your name… Answer the call!!!

Why Not Wander the Wonderfully Wicked Wedgie? (All trails at Windham) There’s no good reason not to.

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