Zac Marben

News From Vans Snow….

And 20 Years: Off the Wall, On the Snow Back in October OvR got the opportunity to celebrate 20 years in the snowboard industry with Vans Snow. If you did not get the chance to be a part of Vans Snow’s 20th Anniversary Party check out our event coverage. One of the many highlights of the […]

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Vans Snow Had A Party….

And It Was The Party Of The Year. Vans Snow celebrated 20 years in the snowboard industry this October and OvR was fortunate enough to be invited. A special thanks is in order to Larry Nunez of Vans Snow, House of Vans in Brooklyn, and the entire Vans team for putting together this epic event. […]

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Videograss The Last Ones 2013 Film Review

Warning: This Film Goes to Volume 11   Details: Company: Videograss Title: The Last Ones Running Time: 00:41:02 Where to Buy: Download Here or Buy DVD Here Trailer: Opening Sequence: Starts with some nice 8mm black and white footage of lake side curiosity, all while playing to a joyful circus band. Once the sponsors have […]

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