Taking Action Against Digital Divide with Go! Sports

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Go! Sports to help underserved youth continue education at home during these difficult times. You can help!

Go! Sports Skate instruction in action

Go! Sports is a NYC based organization implementing action sports programming in Department of Education schools throughout the city. With education shifting from schools to homes, it’s more important that ever to keep the youth moving. Go! Sports is addressing that need, head on, by helping continue physical education remotely with virtual learning modules for the sports they teach.

Schools across the country have long struggled from the lack of available physical education programming and diversity in the PE curriculum. Go! Sports has focused on targeted public schools that have a large population of underserved youth, faced with odds against them. These students have too many obstacles in their way, preventing them from achieve the greatness within, often leading to: obesity and other health issues, declining grades, falling attendance numbers and eventually the decrease in graduation rates.

We stand with Go! in belief that there is no better accelerant to success than positive exposure. The programing Go! offers works to build the minds and bodies of these youth. We believe offering alternative action sports in physical education, (activities like skating and snowboarding) will lead at risk youth to finding a potential passion through activity. If passion is the key to opening the doors of happiness, productivity and success, then helping bring access to a potential passion is powerful.

OvR was founded in efforts to bring access to the outdoors, through skate and board sports culture. That access can be an empowering personal education.

Go! Sports co-founder, Ray Mendez

For long, we’ve heard from members of the OvR community and guests joining our trips about the positive impacts on their lives from getting into action sports and experiencing the outdoors. Go! Sports co-founder, Ray Mendez, is a member of the OvR family and leader in the action sports community. He credits his exposure to action sports and the skate community with creating positive change in his life:

“Skating and skate culture was a conduit for me. It exposed me to – and helped me hone – many of the skills that I then developed into my crafts: media arts, event production, and teaching. It opened many doors for me and I am gratefulto be part of such a diverse, creative, and passionate community”.

Through Go! Sports, Ray is able to help deliver his passion as education:

“It’s a joy for us to be able to share the experience of skating and action sports and introduce people – young and old alike – to these activities that may very well touch their lives as it has touched mine”

Through our support of Go! Sports and their mission, we aim to make an impact. Empower youth with access to the same passion with which the OvR foundation was built.

Go! Sports is helping our effort in tackling the digital divide, pairing students in need of digital learning devices with equipment they need to continue education from home. If you have a laptop or tablet that is no longer being used or is in need of repair, you can donate to our partners at Globetops, and they will help us keep Go! Sports students remain engaged in their physical education programming.

i2i at P.S. 86 Kingsbridge National Ice Center from Parlour Productions on Vimeo.

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