The Gospel of Brother Shredmond at Killington 11/27

Whats up Whats up OVRriders!! My name is Brother Shredmond, brother of Jeremy Mountain and this is my gospel. For most people, the day after Thanksgiving is for shopping deals. For us OVeR here, its a little different. Black Friday means getting 52 people up to Killington for some weekend shredding and shenanigans. The past ThanksKillington Weekend, the bus was packed, the roads were empty and the stoke was high.

Everyone settled in, but you know keep the party going, so Friday night was time to head out! Turned out the Wobbly Barn was closing at 10:30, so we switched it up and invaded Moguls, the locals bar. Between the pool tables, Duck Hunter, great beer selection and excessive amount of shots, we shut the bar down and made our way back. 

Saturday’s weather was a bit cloudy at first but by 11 am I got my first turns in on the hill. It’s amazing how much effort Killington puts into blowing all that snow, they never disappoint! Seeing the snow mixing with dirt I was having flashbacks to Turkey Day dinner as I went heel side through a large clump of mashed taters covered in gravy. Between the warm weather (mid 40s) and the clouds sitting halfway up the mountain, I took a moment to take it all in.

The season is here and my faulty back and aching knees better hold up, cause theres a lot of shredding ahead this winter.

 Brother Shredmond                                              

After decompressing at Mountain Green, we turned it up and got that party started. It was a day well worth celebrating, so that’s what we did! We went to Pickle Barrel, saw an awesome cover band, some bad hair cuts and proceeded to drink and dance the night away. Once we all returned we had a quick elevator party then headed off to dream of snow.


Waking up Sunday with a full night of sleep in me, knowing Jeremy Mountain and the one and only Matt Brennan were arriving on our Sunday day trip, I quickly packed up my stuff checked out of our room and headed out get after it. Our buddy Jay picked us up and we piled 6 heads and 6 boards into a tiny car. With not enough space I had no problem jumping in the trunk… “Just get me to the mountain!!”


Once the crew met up it was time to run laps. High speeds, high fives, popping 180s, hitting rails, trailing each others lines and smashing rocks! It was an amazing day of shredding and wore us all out by 2:30pm.

                 IMG_4485    IMG_4486

 MVP of the weekend was definitely the return of Chris Liu and his new bionic knee. He’d been out the game for over a season with a plethora of knee issues and watching him get up after a hard slam brought a smile to my face. We’re back in action and Team Voltron is whole once again! For those that have heard the stories… more to come…


At 4:30pm we put the beer on ice and settled in for the journey home. Everyone had a great weekend and you could tell it! Most of the bus, myself included, passed out pretty quickly, satisfied with another awesome Killi Thanksgiving weekend in the books! 

Finally getting home for the first time since Thanksgiving morning, i reached for my bed and fell asleep dreaming of the mashed potatoes and gravy I was desperately craving both in my belly and on the mountain. I’ll be back soon enough! Season’s just getting started!

Brother Shredmond Till next time my fellow shredders, Brother Shredmond out!!!

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