Uhhh… Push It… Push it Good… The Push

OvRride’s Summer Home Found a Base at The Push This Summer!
Push BK Paddles


Since OvR will be rocking the official party bus of summer, The Rockaway Beach Bus, take a cruise out to The Push with us and get your summer gaming on!

Push BK Serve

Since inception, it was pretty clear that the Riis Park Beach Bazaar had become OvRride’s summer beach home. With the same proper curated music, delicious food options and good times vibes everyone had come to appreciate at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, the crew did it again! This year it just kept getting better, they just keep in PUSHING it to the next level!

Every weekend as part of the bazaar, The Push creates a fun and memorable table tennis and beach-gaming experience for everyone right there at the shorefront. In addition to ping pong, they have cornhole, horseshoes and pole-ish horseshoes (translations = throw a frisbee at a stick and knock the bottle off). Ok… so how do these ping pong balls fare in the ocean breeze? Fear not! The Push has weighted outdoor balls when the weather is uncooperative, for tournaments and for those seriously competitive types. Come early for the table tennis, stay late for the beach…

Now, every Sunday until the season ends, we’ll be hosting a Sunday Sunday Tournament at The Push BK space in RPBB at 2:30pm! Come by and be a winner!!!



Check back as plans roll out for a fall tournament series of The Push events! We may even see some The Push make a winter appearance on some OvR Winter trips!


Check The Push schedule for more of what they’re up to at the beach, out in Brooklyn and all across the area!


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