Whitewater in The Black River

This isn’t just Whitewater Rafting, its Black River Rafting. That’s right, Whitewater rafting in the Black River. Clarification… Awesomeness personified.

It’s our annual trip up to the river so bad it had to be Black.

It’s another party bus to that party in the woods. We’re camping, roasting marshmallows, blazing fire, and hopping in the wild waters of the Black River. When I say hopping it might be more like get tossed into the wild waters of the Black River.

Ever heard of “The Cruncher”? Not that cereal captain in the goofy blue hat, it’s the most gnarly rapid of all the Whitewater in the east. It’s so bad ass that you don’t actually have to ride it. It’s your choice – “To Crunch or not to Crunch?” The river’s a little faster, the waves are a little higher, but the game is always the same…

Danger, you ask? Just the right amount. There’s enough action to get everyone stoked, but safety is clutch. We have a licensed guide in every boat familiar to the local waters, along with all the appropriate safety equipment to ensure the right kind of good times.

Details: $299.95 Includes

• The kind of roundtrip transportation that does the highway the right way (refreshments will be refreshing)
• 2 nights of camping in way Upstate NY on the Canadian border
• 2 days on the Whitewater Rafting on the Black River
• Volleyball, kickball, every other kind of ball and probably a frisbee
• Campfires and all they entail
• Lunch, and post River BBQs.

If you’ve never joined us, what are you waiting for? No skills necessary – it’s a raft going down a river…. A bad ass river.

We are limited to only one bus due to accommodations and guide availability for these dates so get on up and sign up now!!!

$99.95 deposits due ASAP to ensure you’re booked and ready to rock.