Back to the Mountain… Biking, Windham MT Bike Park

Over the past few years, the folks at Windham Mountain have been putting a lot of loving care into their new bike park! Designed by the same team that built the legendary park at Whistler, it’s sure to be one of the best new parks on the East Coast! Join us for that same OvR mountain fun in a new flavor when we head up! …Read More »

BACK TO THE BEACH!!! The Rockaway Beach Bus Begins!

Rockaway Beach is an old New York institution on the rise after surviving the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. You can support a rebuilding scene and join OvR on the RBB for an epic day at the beach!…Read More »

Brew PA Brewer’s Festival hits Camelback

You like beer? You like the outdoors? We’re serving up another beautiful beer festival in the mountains! We’ll be your designated driver to and from the festival on both Sat &/or Sun 9/10 & 9/11. The OvR Beer Bus will be back on the scene keeping the good times rolling all the way back to the city!…Read More »

JaPOW, an Authentic Japanese Powder Experience

Turns out… JAPAN HAS THE BEST SNOW IN THE WORLD!!! No joke… we challenge anyone to prove otherwise! Three consecutive years in Hokkaido, it never stopped snowing and the powder piled up by the foot all day, and all night!!! We're heading back for OvRride Japan 2017 2/17-27. DON'T MISS THE JAPOW!!!…Read More »

Annual Homage to Jackson Hole

After years of "hitting the hole" this trip has been stamped as one of the best in our quiver from just about every imaginable angle! It's the land of steep & deep and when the snow's falling it's hard to beat. Couple the terrain with the awesome cowboy town of Jackson, Wyoming and our locals experience for OvRride Jackson is not to be missed!…Read More »

Uhhh… Push It… Push it Good… The Push

OvRride's Summer Home Found a Base at The Push This Year! The Push is "a place for table tennis and other beach games", set right in The Riis Park Beach Bazaar. It's the best spot to get your summer gaming on, out in the sun, right on the shorefront. Join us every Sunday at 2:30 for a Push tournament! To the victor goes the spoils!!!.…Read More »

OvR High Five

Time to HIGH FIVE! Winter is Around the Corner…

Now you can buy a five pack of day trips to your favorite mountain. Book your favorite trip faster and easier than ever! For a limited time we'll be offering these five packs of trips for the price of four! For an even more limited time, we'll be holding the prices from last season, which will inevitably go up. Get a High Five pack before 10/1 and you make even get 5 for the price of 3! Act fast... you might even win a pair of OvR/Bosky Goggles! …Read More »


Video of the Week: Windham Mountain Bike Park

Get back to the mountain for a whole new flavor of the same MT Fun! We’re firing off Mountain Biking trips to get down on Windham’s new bike park August-October!