Windham MT Day Trip Description:

Windham MT’s made some serious renovations in the last few years, launching the largest Learn to Ride/Ski center upgrade on the East Coast. Add to that, lodge makeovers the new trails they’ve cut and you’ve got a whole new look on and off the slopes. Windham now features one of the only true glades trails in the Catskills!

It’s long been the place to get away from the crowds and that weekly drag with our midweek break “Windham Wednesday”.

While lift lines start to crowd the weekend scene, you can run laps on the mountain all day long without catching a sniff of a lift line on a Wednesday. Spend more time shredding and less time on line!

We’ll be at Windham on Wednesday’s all season long. Don’t spend another hump day doing the same old thing… waiting for the weekend. Do it different and get to Windham Wednesday! Check back later in the season as we continue to add dates and options to shred Windham, along with some OvRnights!


Windham MT Day Trip Includes:

• Safe Day Trip out of the city and up to the Catskills

• All area lift ticket at Windham MT (rental & transit only packages available)

• Charter Coach Bus round trip transportation

• Transit Featuring Comfy Seats, Airconditioning, Bathrooms, & Entertainment

• Free Refreshments (The Cold Delicious Kind)

• Great people & One hell of a good time!!!

Windham Rates:

All Area & Bus$169.95
Bus Only$99.95

Rental and Lesson Packages:

Rental and Lesson Packages for Windham are not available through OvRride.

It is your responsibility to book your own Rental and Lesson Packages directly through Windham and OvRride is not responsible for the availability of Rental and Lesson Packages at Windham.

Rental Packages can be booked directly through Windham’s rental portal.

Lesson Packages can be booked directly through Windham’s lesson portal.

Windham MT Day Trip Bus Times

Downtown Brooklyn
578 Atlantic Ave
(Corner of Atlantic & 4th Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Bus departs at 5:40 am
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Union Square (NW of UNSQ Park)
41 Union Square West
(Corner of 17th St & Broadway)
New York, NY 10003
Bus departs at 6:10 am
View Map

The North Face – Upper West Side
2101 Broadway
(corner of Broadway & 73rd)
New York, NY 10023
Bus departs at 6:30 am
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