Q: How does the bus pickup work in the morning?

– The bus pick-up times and locations vary from trip to trip. Please check OvRride.com trip details page for the details. The times listed are the “Departure” times (meaning this is the time the bus is scheduled to depart that location).

– It takes time to load your equipment and check everyone in, so please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to departure to allow time for check-in. A smooth check in process helps ensure you get to the mountain as early as possible.

Q: When does the bus depart the mountain?

– Our bus departs Hunter Mountain, Windham Mountain and any destinations in the Catskills at 4:30PM

– Our bus departs all Vermont Destinations (Mount Snow, Killington, Okemo, Stratton, Sugarbush, Stowe, etc.) and Gore at 5pm. We expect to depart consistently at this time, but may depart slightly after 5pm if we are delayed by weather, traffic or other unforeseen road circumstances. It’s important to us that our drivers have the ti

me needed to rest and prepare for the return trip for any more remote destination.

– Our bus departs Camelback in the Poconos at 7:00PM

– It takes time to load your equipment and check everyone in, so please arrive at the bus 10-15 minutes prior to departure to allow time for check-in. A smooth check in process helps ensure you get home as early as possible.

Q: My friend and I choose different pick up locations….Can we be on the same bus?

– Due to the large number of people OvR services on any trip, we schedule multiple buses, most of which take different city routes. These routes are determined the morning of each trip and are subject to change to meet unforeseen issues.

– OvR can only guarantee you and your friend(s) will be on the same bus if you all get on at the same pick up location.

Q: What time do we get back to the city?

– A good estimate is: Catskills day bus trips arrive in NYC between 7-8PM & VT day bus trips arrive in NYC between 9:30-10:30PM. Camelback return times vary from 9-10pm – 12am, and Mountain Creek from 8-9pm, pending the respective time we depart the mountain.

– Of course we cannot control weather conditions, traffic, or other unforeseen circumstances that may slow us down or change our route. The safety and comfort of our guests is always most important.

Q: Can you drop me off on my corner? It’s on the way.

– We CANNOT accommodate any personal drop off locations. We have permits for pick up and drop off locations and can be subject to heavy fines for stopping elsewhere.

Q: Are there any stops on the way up?

– We do not make any stops on the way to the Catskill or Pocono Mountains, since the trips are not very long. For longer trips to VT, we make a brief stop about half way up to the mountain at a rest area. Our goal is to get to the mountain as early as possible to enjoy the most of our day.

Q: Are there any stops on the way back?

– Coming back from VT we typically make 2 stops:

– The first is before we hit the highway to stock up on snacks, beverages, or anything you may need for the trip.

– The second is at the same rest stop we visit in the morning.

Q: What equipment do I need to bring with me for the trip?

– Hard goods can be rented from the mountain. Hard goods include snowboards, skis, boots and helmet. You can purchase a discounted rental package through OvRride when you book your trip and you will receive it when we arrive at the mountain.

– Soft goods CANNOT be rented at the mountain, but you may be able to rent them through our partners at Kitlender.com, if you arrange these rentals well in advance.. Soft goods include jackets, pants, goggles, gloves, socks etc… Shops where we pickup are generally not open when we depart NYC in the morning, however, there are shops at the mountain lodges where you can purchase these items if you need or forget something on the day of the trip.

Q: I booked a weekend trip with OvR….Can I lodge with my friend(s)?

– You can indeed request to lodge with your friend(s) or significant other, simply by emailing lodging@ovrride.com.

– Provide in the email the following information: Trip destination, dates, names, and order number(s) for all parties you’d like to lodge with. Please note we try to the best of our abilities to meet your accommodation requests, but OvR is subject to availability at our lodging providers and therefore some requests may not be granted.

Q: Do you guys do weekend trips to Hunter, Windham, Stratton or (Insert favorite mountain you don’t see on our schedule here)?

– We do not provide overnight trips to Hunter, Windham Stratton and many of the mountains we frequent. However, we do weekend trips to other destinations like Mount Snow, Sugarbush, and Stowe throughout the season. You can find info about those weekend trips under the “Destinations” tab. Look out for our special CLIF Bar Mystery Bus Weekends where we’ll be rolling to a destination known only to us! You’re not going to want to miss those!

Q: I’m booked for a day trip, can I stay there overnight, and come back another day with OvR?

– Yes, you absolutely can choose to stay at the mountain rather than come back on the same day, but you will have to book two separate tickets for each day you’ll be traveling and pay the amount of both of these trips.

– So let’s say you need a bus ride and lift tickets for both Saturday and Sunday: Purchase the Bus and Lift Package (You can add lessons, rentals, etc.) for Saturday as well as for Sunday. Inform the trip leader you will not be returning with the bus Saturday. On Sunday you will need to meet the trip leader for that day who will provide you with your mountain product for Sunday as well as inform you which bus to board for your return trip.

– Email info@OvRride.com of your plans so we can provide our trip leaders with your contact information and make the proper arrangements.

Q: What if I only need a one way bus ride to or from the mountain?

– You’re more than welcome to grab a ride with us up to any of our mountain destinations. You are never obligated to come back with us. There is no distinction between a one way ticket and a round trip ticket.

– The bus only rate is based on the value of the seat, so whether you come back with us in the same day or stay at the mountain the cost for a bus only reservation is $69.95 to Hunter and Windham and $79.95 to any of the Vermont mountains, with the exception of Killington with is $89.95. If you’re looking to make a reservation for a seat on a bus that is not a day trip bus (i.e. a weekend long trip), this option is available, but this rate may vary.

-Please inform your trip leader in the morning that you will not be returning on the bus ride home. We take pride in making sure we don’t abandon any of our customers at the mountain. This will save them the trouble of looking for you at the end of the day and possibly holding up the bus. If you plan on returning to NYC with us on another date, you will need to book that return bus ride separately and email info@OvRride.com to let us know of your plan so we know to expect you on the bus ride home.

Q: What happens if I left something on the bus?

– OvR does a sweep of the bus after each trip. If you know that you left something on the bus contact OvR by email: info@OvRride.com with a description of the item and the date and destination of the trip you took. We will let you know if we can help locate it, but we do not have a lost and found and can’t be held liable for items left behind.

Q: What is the age restriction?

– An adult must accompany all guests under 14 years of age. For our guests that are 14-17 years of age, a waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian with a copy of that parent or guardian’s ID and credit card prior to the trip and given to the trip leader.

– All our guests 18 or over are welcome to join us without restriction.

Q: How do I get my Lift Ticket?

– You purchase your tickets as part of a package when you book your trip with OvRride. When we arrive at the mountain on that day, your trip leader will have the tickets preordered, and waiting for you at the mountain. As you exit the bus your trip leader will distribute the appropriate lift tickets that you have ordered. Along with the lift tickets you will also receive vouchers for lessons and/or rental equipment to be redeemed at the mountain.

– OvRride cannot replace any lost lift tickets, rental vouchers, or lesson pass. We recommend taking a picture of your lift ticket in case you lose it (especially with the new RFID lift cards that many mountains are now using).

– If the lift is the old attachable type, make sure that it is fastened securely in a place that won’t get caught on anything. Some tickets at the mountains have a perforated receipt that you should remove from the ticket and save in a safe place. In the event you lose your ticket, take this receipt back to the ticket window and you will be issued a new lift ticket.

– If the lift is an RFID card, make sure to place in a pocket that is separate from your phone, credit cards and any other magnetic devices. Be sure to take a picture of the front and back of these tickets. In the event you lose your ticket, take this picture back to the ticket window and you will be issued a new lift ticket.

Q: Can I buy a ticket(s) on the bus the morning of a trip?

– OvR’s mission is to take you to the Shred! We hope to be able to accommodate walk-ons on the day of the trip but make no guarantees. Show up with cash in hand (although we prefer venmo or paypal for walk-ons) for the package that you wish to purchase (i.e. bus only, bus/lift, bus/lift/rental, beginner package).

– Please note that if you walk-on prior to the last stop on a fully booked bus, you may ride up to the last stop hoping that someone doesn’t show, but in the event that everyone shows, you may be left at the last stop.

Q: What is OvRride’s Cancellation Policy?

– In the event you need to cancel your day trip, OvRride requires 48 hour notice from the departure date of the trip. Cancellations with sufficient notice will be issued a full refund, or can move the reservation to another day/trip. In the event you cancel within 48 hours of the departure date or miss the bus for a day trip, you will be refunded all but $69.95 for all Catskill trips $49.95 for Mountain Creek or Pocono mountain trips, $89.95 for all Killington trips and $79.95 for Gore any other VT Mountains. This accounts for the cost of the bus seat that would then go empty.

– Cancellation of an OvR overnight weekend trip requires a notification of 2 weeks prior to the trip date to receive a full refund. Any cancellation for overnight trips within 2 weeks are subject to the lose the lodging and transportation elements of that package. We can often recover rental, lift and other packages, but it’s difficult to adjust certain elements of those reservations inside 2 weeks.

– Cancellation of a big trip (out west or anywhere requiring an airline flight) require a notification of 30 days prior to the trip date to receive a full refund. Any cancellations within 30 days are subject to the lose of the trip deposit.

– All trips that include travel outside the USA require a 60 day cancellation to assure any refunds can be processed. Any refunds offered within the 60 day time period of a trip including airfare outside the USA, would only be offered if available with our third party partners (such as airlines) and within those partners’ guidelines – not guaranteed.

– All requests to change or cancel a reservation MUST be received in written form to our guest services email: info@ovrride.com.

Q: Still have a question? Need more info? Who to contact:

– If you need any information on a trip or have to change/cancel your reservation, please email info@OvRride.com or call at 347-559-1787. Please note, we have a high volume of calls during the heart of our winter season, so we recommend using our live chat on ovrride.com or emailing us before trying to call. Generally we can respond within 48 hours.

– Customer service calls and emails are answered between the hours of 11AM and 7PM, 7 days a week.