Back to the Mountain… Biking, Windham MT Bike Park




Over the past few years, the folks at Windham Mountain have been putting a lot of loving care into their new bike park! Designed by the same team that built the legendary park at Whistler, it’s sure to be one of the best new parks on the East Coast!

Warm up with some small features in the skills park and then take what you learned into the real downhill trails. If you’ve never tried this before we can almost guarantee that you’ll be instantly hooked! Ripping through the woods at mach speed on a mountain bike is unlike any feeling we’ve encountered before.


Soon Windham Mountain will be well known for all of the care and time they’ve put into the bike park, come see what all the hype is about!

If you’re an experienced downhill mountain biker, they have everything you’re looking for! Don’t have a bike? No problem, we can help you rent one on site when we arrive at this extremely discounted rate.

Never been downhill mountain biking? This is a perfect trip for you! Get the full Windham Bike Park Lesson & Rental combo for proper mountain biking instruction. They even have a featured “Skills Park” at the base of the mountain where you can brush up on your skills before getting out and getting after it!

Whether it’s a full on learn to mountain bike package, an all area bike park and rental package, or all you need is the ride to and from the mountain, a trip up to Windham Mountain Bike Park has you covered!

Get out with us and OvRride The Mountain!

Check the Dope New Windham Mountain Bike Park Map:


Never tried downhill mountain biking? Downhill mountain biking is a fun and addicting sport for all ages, but we recognize that getting started can be a little intimidating. That’s why Windham Mountain Bike Park installed a “Skills Park” at the base of the mountain where you can get started. First timers and new riders are welcome. Learn the basics – braking, weight distribution, how to stand on pedals, how to control your bike over rollers, roots and berms. You’ll be on a downhill trail in no time at all, or spend the whole day in the Skills Park getting your chops down.

Check the Bus Schedule & Make a Reservation Today:

Get back to the mountain for a whole new flavor of the same MT Fun!




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