BK Buzz Brings on the Snow!

Killi Pow Day
Killington POW on 10/30

Have you ever thrown a party so good that the skies part and the snow falls? Well, OvR is proud to say that last Thursday we did just that! Not only did we get a little snowfall on Thursday (Stratton, Mt Snow and Killington all reported between 3 to 5 inches!) but we managed to get Mother Nature to dump another 6 inches last Saturday! In fact, Killington is now officially open!

So what did we do to earn so many snow karma points? Simple, Skate Brooklyn and OvR gave away 3 snowboards!

Forum Scallywag
Simon’s Scallywag 

1. First our friends at The L Magazine, gave away a board to Kevin G.

2. At the Party on Thursday, Pete Kocher, owner of Skate Brooklyn officiated the “Flat-Land-Butter” contest. First place winner, Simon, won a Forum Scallywag snowboard set up courtesy of Skate Brooklyn. The runner up, Fred T, received a free day trip to Hunter Mountain from OvR. But everyone who entered went home with some goods.

Jeff's Evo
Jeff’s new Stick NS Evo

3. During the event, raffles were sold and 100% of proceeds were donated to the Stratton Foundation to helpaid in on-going Vermont Relief effort. The grand prize winner of the raffle, Jeffery K won a “dream” snowboard set-up from Skate Brooklyn. Jeff was able to go into the shop to choose his own deck. He went with the NeverSummer Evo you see on the right. Jeff was so stoked he told Skate:

“Thank you Skate Brooklyn. At 7pm I bought an amazing pair of boots from you guys…then at 1am, I won your dream Snowboard Package. The kick off party you guys hosted in conjunction with OVR was off the charts and extremely well organized and felt as if I was at a bar at the base of a mountain rather than in Brooklyn. Great time, great people, and I look forward to tearing up the slopes with you guys this winter!”

Other Raffle winners received snowboard jackets, pants and other gear.

The best News is it’s not over yet boys and girls! Skate Brooklyn has decided to extend their Winter Stoke Sale through this week in celebration of the stoke! Head over to Skate BK for markdowns on the new 2011/2012 gear as well as on huge discounts on the sale items from 2010/2011.

Keep an eye out also for more events, giveaways, movie premiers and fundraisers coming up ….

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