Black River Rafting Weekend

black river 12

This isn’t just Whitewater Rafting, its Black River Rafting. That’s right, Whitewater rafting in the Black River!

It’s another party bus to that party in the woods. We’re camping, roasting marshmallows, blazing fires, and hopping in the wild waters of the Black River. When I say hopping… it might be more like get tossed into the wild waters of the Black River. Join us Friday August 22nd – Sunday 24th!!!

The Black River has a consistent damn release, so there is seldom a mild day in the water. You’ll be sure to get your share of action in the Class III – IV stuff, as well as some casual cruising through the more scenic areas.

black river 6

Ever heard of “The Cruncher”? Not that cereal captain in the goofy blue hat, it’s one of the most gnarly rapids of all the Whitewater in the east. It’s so bad ass that you don’t actually have to ride it. It’s your choice – “To Crunch or not to Crunch?” The river’s a little faster, the waves are a little higher, but the game is always the same…

Our stay at Black River Bay Campground is often just as fun as the river. They have a zip line, volley ball court, and access to rent boats on the bay. We’re a short walk from town, but just deep enough in the woods that the camping game is on!

Danger, you ask?

Just the right amount. There’s enough action to get everyone stoked, but safety is clutch. We have a licensed guide in every boat familiar to the local waters, along with all the appropriate safety equipment to ensure the right kind of goodtimes.

Details$199.95-$319.95 Includes


  • The kind of round-trip transportation that does the highway the right way (refreshments will be refreshing)
  • 3 Days away Friday – Sunday, Black River Bay Campgrounds in the Watertown Region of NY
  • 2 days on the Whitewater Rafting on The Black River
  • Access to the volleyball courts & zipline
  • Campfires and all they entail
  • On River Snack & Post River BBQs – All included
  • One Hell of a good time!!!

Black River 13Bus Departs Friday: (Arrive 15min early)

  • Skate Brooklyn 78 St. Marks Place Brooklyn, NY 11217 (corner of St. Marks & 4th Ave.) 12:15pm
  • REI Soho 303 Lafayette (corner of Lafayette & Houston) New York, NY – 12:45pm
  • REI Paramus, NJ 2200 Bergen Town Center – on Rt 4 (parking available) – 1:15pm

If you’ve never joined us, what are you waiting for? No skills necessary – its a raft going down a river…. A bad ass river.

Space it limited due to accommodations and guide availability for these dates so… get in on it and sign up now!!!