Chile Con Piernas

Did that just happen? Pictures, video, stories, and other evidence permissible in the court of shred suggest… Yes, OvRride just capped off an epic 2010-2011 season in epic fashion. Chile Con Piernas!!!

For those of you who don’t habla espanol, Chile con Piernas means Chile with legs. That seems to be the best way to sum up our July excursion into South America. From the beautiful lively city of Sanitago, along the majestic mountains of the 3 Valley Resorts (with the numero uno hospitality of the Powder Lodge), to the pristine peak of Ski Arpa… OvRride’s snowlegs have never been stronger. Its safe to say we walked along the heavens.

Yea, that was a palm tree sitting next to an evergreen tree next to a cactus covered in snow – and that was a condor flying over your head. Yea, you did just ride down the side of the Andes mountains into a wood heated hot tub. Of course ice cold cervasas awaited in the snow along side freshly baked Chilean pizza from the brick oven. Don’t look now but the most amazing sunset you’ve ever seen in going on right over your shoulder as the horizon paints the sky like Bob Ross. That’s just the sun setting into the Pacific.. visible from where your standing in 3 feet of fresh… in July.

Need a minute to take it in? Here enjoy this glass of the region’s best wine, some of the world’s best, while you stand above the clouds and think about what you’re doing.

Nevermind the heat streak in NYC, power outages, or sweaty subway rides to work. You’re in Chile Con Peirnas!!! You’re OvRridding the “everyday” – you just got away the right way. Pretty damn extremo. LET THE SUN SET ON THAT!

Stay Tuned for the details of the next great season on snow.

Upcoming features:
• Lake Tahoe – January 2012
• St. Moritz, Switzerland – Late February / Early March 2012
• Whistler, BC – April 2012