Chillin’ on a Thirsty Thursday

Help us support Chill NYC – Pay the gift of snowboarding forward!

Where would you be without snowboarding?

That’s a tough question for us to answer… Snowboarding has changed the lives of so many of the awesome members of the OvR community in measures beyond measurements. Access from the city to the mountains has been the mission of OvRride since it’s incarnation. Without snowboarding there would be no OvR and without Jake Burton Carpenter, there would be no snowboarding. In the founding of the Chill program, Burton has helped bring that access, the shred community and all the stoke that comes along with it to the underserved youth of NYC, as well as all across the country.

In Jake’s memory and in thanks to all he’s given our community, we are re-dedicating our focus to help support the Chill program right here in our own backyard. It’s something that meant a lot to Jake and for good reason. We can empower so many of those who deserve better than the hand they’ve been dealt; youth from the tough neighborhoods right here in our own community. Help harness the power of positive energy and the special elevated community that snowboarding has given us. Come out to a Chillin’ on a Thirsty Thursday event, catch up with our snow loving family and help pay it forward to underserved youth in the Chill NYC program.

Through our series of events and fundraising efforts, we are targeting to raise enough to cover the entire cost of transportation for Chill NYC’s winter!

We’re going to be raffling off Burton gear, OvRride trips, and making plans to hit the mountains all winter long. Bring your board out to Burton NYC for any of the below dates and we’ll hook you up with a wax. Grab a drink from one of our awesome partners. Get hooked up with a sick deal on gear. Connect with other riders and skiers. All this while raising money for a great cause!

All Proceeds will go directly to Chill NYC

Event Details:

• Location: Burton NYC (69 Greene St, New York, NY 10012)

• Next Date: January 23rd, Thursday – Doors open at 6:00PM

• What?: Thirsty Thursday – Drinks, Tunes, Raffles of Burton Gear & OvR Trips

• Why?: Harness Positive Vibes of Community to Pay it Forward

• Who?: All Proceeds to Chill NYC

• Next: More Thirsty Thursday Events on the way, including Thursday 2/20 & Thursday 3/19 at the Burton Store


Can’t make it out to an event? Donate by clicking below and you’ll be entered to win gear, trips and other deals. Everyone’s a winner just by aiding your support.




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