Coney Island Beach Bus, COME OUT TO PLAYaYa!!!

“For all you boppers out there in the big city, all you street people with an ear for the action, I’ve been asked to relay a request from our friends in Coney Island. It’s a special for the beachgoers of NYC. It’s time to join that real live bunch from Coney… here’s a real hit with you in mind…” – DJ, The Warriors (kinda what she said)

It just got a whole lot easier to get to and from Coney Island. Take The OvRride! DONT MISS THE BUS!!!


For more than two hundred years, Coney Island has attracted fun seekers both local and worldwide. From beach to boardwalk to rides and thrills, OvR and Coney Island Brewery team up to bring you the ultimate Coney Island Experience! This summer we’re proud to announce launch of service for NYC’s Official Coney Island Beach Bus!


Grab a pint or a flight at the Coney Island Brewery and a Nathan’s Famous hot dog on the boardwalk on your way to the beach. Check out all the oddities at Coney Island USA’s Sideshow by the Sea Shore… including sword swallowers, snake charmers and more! Feed your inner child at Luna Park with a ride on the 90 year old Cyclone. Not your style? Check out the view’s from the top of Deno’s Wonderwheel. Check out some sea life at the NY Aquarium or catch a Brooklyn Cyclones Game at MCU Park. With exclusive deals and experiences, this is a ride YOU MUST take this Summer!

Sounds like a lot… but lucky for you, that’s exactly what we do! Exclusive for our guests, we’re partnering with the Alliance for Coney Island to offer you the CONEY PASS bringing you some of the best options in Coney Island. In addition to round trip transportation to and from the boardwalk, this opportunity for you to “Take the OvRride” with a Premium Coney Island Package will ensure you don’t miss anything. The Premium Pass includes a 4 hour Luna wristband to ride the rides plus the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone, lunch/dinner at the World Famous Nathan’s, Entrance to the Aquarium, Entrance to the Coney Island Side Show / Museum and a drink at Coney Island Brewery = A FULL Coney Island Experience for a GREAT price!

Coney Island’s World Fame is no accident! You’re going to have to get out to the world famous boardwalk and beach and experience it for yourself!

Here’s some more info on some of our Brooklyn shorefront favs:

Coney Island Brewery

Start your Coney Island Experience right in the center of it all at the Coney Island Brewery. The OvR Coney Island beach bus will drop off and pickup right on Surf Ave in front of the brewery, conveniently located at the heart of it all. If you’re a beer goer, looking for a spot to catch a drink or even just looking for your first stop on a Coney tour, this is the place for drinkers and non-drinkers alike to get things started. Their outdoor beer garden is the right vibe to get it going.

With 8 house-brewed beers on tap that rotate regularly, there’s always something new to try. Depending on the season, you might catch some limited release, specialty styles, like SuperFreak, Kettle Corn Cream Ale or Cotton Candy Kolsch. Check out the Current Lineup List.

Stop by for a pint, a flight, merch or a couple growlers to-go, and be sure to catch one of the free tours of the brewery. Just ask any of the Coney Island Brewery staff where to sign up when you get there, grab a beer and take the ride! Tours are generally at 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm.

Be sure to show the crew at the brewery your OvR Coney Island Beach Bus wristband for extra deals on the goods. Hell… the may even let you try something special they’re working on if you time it out right.

New York Aquairum

The New York Aquarium is the oldest continually operating aquarium in the country. Right on the boardwalk, it doesn’t get much more convenient, but there’s a whole lot more going on here outside of just location. Accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, this sea life expose opened in 1896. If you’re looking for a slice of NYC history, why not keep with the ocean theme while you’re at the beach. No doubt you’ll learn a few things about local and foreign ocean wildlife. You’ll probably be amazed at the class and beauty by which the NY Aquarium displays these sea creatures.

The facility occupies 14 acres and boasts 266 species of aquatic wildlife. You can help the mission to raise public awareness about issues facing the ocean and its inhabitants by patronizing and learning. The New York Seascape program, based out of the aquarium, is designed to restore healthy populations of marine species and protect NY waters, vital to the area’s economic and cultural vitality.

A massive new expansion comprising its extensive addition, Ocean Wonders: Sharks! broke ground in January 2014, and is scheduled to open in 2018. This expansion was originally scheduled to break ground in November 2012, and open in 2015, but Hurricane Sandy delayed construction. While the aquarium is reorganizing and continuing to recover from the aftermath, but many of it’s most popular features remain open.

Nathan’s Famous

Most NYC visitors will tell you one of the best features of a trip to NYC is the food. Locals may not tell you that, but they know it! Food in NYC is a proud feature of our city’s place in the world. Fewer NYC restaurants, bars, diners and food trucks can tout the notoriety and history of Nathan’s Famous.

It’s the home of the annual hot dog eating contest, sure, but its also piece of quintessential Brooklyn. You’ve probably heard the term “As American as apple pie”, well you could just as easily switch it up and say “As Brooklyn as Nathan’s Famous”! There’s just something about rolling up to Nathan’s from the boardwalk that feels like a throwback.

Founded by a Polish immigrant, Nathan Handwerker, it’s the legacy of an authentic “only in America story.” He started his business in 1916 with a small hot dog stand in Coney Island, New York. Selling hot dogs based on a recipe developed by his wife, Ida, Nathan’s caught on. Over 100 years later since opening day, Nathan’s has gained worldwide recognition for the unequaled quality and taste of its product. Today, Nathan’s has gained a reputation for being among the highest quality hot dogs in the world.

Coney USA Museum & Sideshow

Some don’t know how to take Coney Island. One might call it, weird or… strange. Well there’s no defending that, in fact, it’s one of the things we love about it! Coney Island USA full embodies that side of it’s famous reputation and it’s a must visit for any full Coney Island experience. Let’s get weird!

Coney Island USA is known for their innovative exhibitions and performances. They’re carrying the torch, as they call it in: “The traditions of P.T. Barnum, dime museums, burlesque, circus sideshows, vaudeville, and Coney Island itself. Preserving and championing a set of uniquely American visual and performing art forms, we seek to create an international forum for cultural preservation and discourse, and where Coney Island represents these impulses, we strive to make it once again a center for live art and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Right from their landmark building in the heart of it all, Coney Island USA is comprised of three connected, but separate venues: the Coney Island Museum, Sideshows by the Seashore and the Shooting Gallery/Arts Annex. There’s enough going on that you’re going to want to get back, even if you’ve been before. Their crew is the driving force behind classic Coney events like the Mermaid Parade, the Coney Island Circus Sideshow, the Coney Island Museum, Coney Island Film Festival and new theatrical work.

Ride the Cyclone

It’s heard to imagine any trip to Coney without a visit to the world famous Brooklyn Cyclone. Ride history on the same tracks that laid the foundation for all rollercoasters to come after it. This year the baddest rollercoaster in the game turns 90 years old, but that doesn’t mean it’s slowed down.

The Mother of American roller coaster culture and the “Big Momma” of Coney Island, the Cyclone tops everyone’s list of things to do in New York City. Shake, rattle, rumble and roll over 2,640 feet of track featuring 12 drops and 27 elevation changes that still has the stuff to take your breath away. Slowly rise to panoramic heights and grip the bar tight as you go over the ledge on an exhilarating 85-foot, 60-degree plunge at speeds of 60 mph. It’s an all-time classic amusement park ride that’s kept coaster lovers coming back since the Cyclone roller coaster first debuted on June 26, 1927.

As a part of Luna Parks, you can ride the legend right alongside other must try modern rollercoasters and rides like The Thunderbolt. Our premium Coney Island Experience package, available at checkout, includes a 4-hour pass to hit Luna’s finest attractions. A trip to Coney Island wouldn’t be complete without hitting the rides and games on the boardwalk. There’s something for everyone from the Cyclone to the classic swings, right there on the boardwalk.


Of course… There’s also the world famous Boardwalk and Beach! They pretty much speak for themselves…

Kickoff for the OvR Coney Island Beach Bus is Saturday July 8th. Check our schedule for additional dates and keep checking back as we plan to add more as the summer roles in!

Round trip transportation, as well as one-way to/from Coney Island, Premium Coney Island Experience Packages and deals at all our Coney Island partner businesses. Yes, there will be air conditioning, a bathroom, and refreshing refreshments. Getting to the Coney Island shouldn’t be as tough as it was or The Warriors. When you get on the Coney Island Beach Bus with OvR the travel is part of the ride!

Pick-ups in The East Village, LES, Downtown Brooklyn/Park Slope & Greenwood Park/South Slope – Rockin’ All the Way To & From Coney Island – Including:

  • Charter Coach Bus Transportation To/From Manhattan & Brooklyn to Rockaway Beach.
  • Transit Featuring Comfy Seats, Air conditioning, Bathrooms, & Entertainment
  • Free Refreshments (Courtesy of our friends at Coney Island Brewery)
  • Exclusive deals at partnering local businesses
  • And of course… one hell of a good time!




    Summer is here… OvRride it! 


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