Hello Spring: A Celebration Sat. 5/9 at The Cliffs LIC

That’s right… Free Climbing & Beer at The Cliffs Sat. 5/9

You know we’re all about the mountain! Get out to The Cliffs and start working on a whole new side of “Rocking the Mountain!”.

Our friends from The Cliffs LIC have been hitting the mountain all season with us! Now with the season coming to an end (albeit a slow end, i.e. Killington open till June), it’s time we get out for a visit and do some climbing!

It’s that time of year… everyone starts to get their work out on and work off that winter weight. There’s no better way to work out and maintain your connection to activity based exercise than to get into climbing. If you’re familiar with the mountain from skiing or snowboarding, climbing will offer a whole new level of appreciation for mountain sport. If you’re not a skier or rider, maybe this is just what you need to get interested in hitting the mountains.

Time to OvRride Queens

the Cliffs

It’s been a long time coming, and now with the support and partnership of The Cliffs at LIC, picking up guests for snow trips in Queens is finally a reality! What better way to bring our service to the neighborhood then getting together with the awesome people at The Cliffs to support each other and our similar goals? Together we’ll strive to elevate access for the NYC active outdoor community to reach the mountains.

We’re currently working together to offer access to some of the area’s best natural outdoor climbing terrain. Stay tuned for the launch of some of these summer trips!

Don’t call it a “Season Ending” Party – Call it a “Season Changing” Party!!!

Email RSVP@OvRride.com to lock your access to the event!


Get your Climb On!


  • Free Climbing 7-9pm (MUST RSVP)
  • Free Beer provided by Saranac 9-10pm (MUST RSVP)
  • Afterparty at Rockaway Brewing Company to keep the celebration going 10pm-???
  • Chance to Win OvR Gear
  • Great people & One hell of a good time!!!


The Cliffs at LIC features:

  • Expertly-set routes for all levels of climbing experience + ability
  • Over 30,000 square feet of climbing terrain
  • 16-foot top-out bouldering
  • Professional instructors with a passion for climbing
  • Separate Party Room for events + classes
  • Full fitness gym
  • Great people & One hell of a good time!!!

Activate the neighborhood and help us and our friends at The Cliffs get Queens out with OvRride for the proper on-mountain experience this season!



Stay Tuned for more trips dates, as well as new and exciting collaborations with The Cliffs at LIC rolling into summer!

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