Hitting the streets after Storm Jonas with the OvR Crew.

  Thanks for the Snow Jonas!

You’ve heard about the calm before the storm, it’s time you learned about the shred after the storm! Monday, the OvRride Crew took advantage of the fresh snow in Storm Jonas left on the streets of NYC and you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day. The sun was shining and the crowds were nowhere to be found on the subways or in the parks. With temps just above freezing, it was GO TIME! Riverside was our first destination so we could take advantage of the natural light till the very end of the session. Passerbys in the streets were excited to see us getting after it and  taking advantage of the new snow.  When one guy noticed we were from OvR and hollered, “See you on the bus this weekend!” we were all stoked on it! The Shred After the Storm was a MUST, We Were OvRjoyed to see New York City finally getting a dose of winter! Hopefully we get another major storm SOON! We could get used to this! 

Q, PJ, SHANE. 6th Ave Tunnel
Shane Got this 50-50 2 times in a row.
Pericles Getting nice with the back 50-50.

Riverside park was number one on our list today because we knew that it would be steep and we could take advantage of the sunlight till the very end of the day. So many people were next to us sledding, cross country skiing and walking there pets. Such a good vibe in that park and also so fresh Snow for us to play in.

CORNPHOTO came through with some great pictures today. Corn shoots Pericles while Q watches. This rail was no joke. A bunch of small bends and cracks. Sketchy.
Chris Martin looking up at a potential drop-in off the wall.



Chris Martin goes for it off the top ropes. PHOTO: Brian Boulos.


Brian Boulos getting buck over the fence.


PJ, Up and Over.
Corn giving peace during the Golden Hour.


Set up a huge kicker for the ender bender off the double set!! Literally after this photo was taken the lights turned off and it was a wrap… ALL GOOD THOUGH!! WE WILL BE BACK!!





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Words and Photos- @CMARTPHOTO

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  1. I live right next to the riverside park where you were! I built some stuff there last year but didn’t get to this storm. Hit me up on Facebook, Nicholas papa, next time! I’ve had plans for a natural log jib on the 92st hill!

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