I’m Stoweked Right Now!

To everyone who joined us last weekend for Stowe… Thank you! It was an awesome group of people and a lot of good, clean (hot tub) fun!

Old school bindings
In the Burton Archives- First bindings and Jake’s sketches

I’d also like to take a minute to acknowledge the tremendous support from Burton for hooking us up at the Burton Factory and for Magic Hat for keeping the sample and brewery tour going just for us! It was a really unique experience and our first time doing excursions out to Burlington with the group. We learned a lot from the experience… especially that we’re a bunch of tech geeks that love learning about how cutting-edge snowboards are made and great beer is brewed!

If any of you have any pictures you’d like to contribute to our Stowe album, please email them to us or post them to Facebook or Twitter. I’m posting some pics that I have to Facebook, but would love to add to the album with your shots as well.

So what else is on the horizon? Well as we speak, we’re OvRriding Whistler! That’s right… the beast of North America! It’s our first time here and we’re trying to take in as much of the epic terrain as possible in six days. Blue bird sunny skies so far, but we’re looking forward to some snowy precipitation later this week. Either way we’re stoked to ride a mountain with #SNOW everywhere, wide open bowls and playful glades.

Stay tuned for more pics and info on the riding and the Whistler village nightlife!

On the local front, we’ll be at SugarBush next weekend for SugarBush Sugarbus II. In March we head back to the Bush on March 23-25th … but not before we hit up Kilington AND Stowe again! Check out the calendar for all the dates


Winter isn’t over! Pray for #SNOW!