Instagram Contest: Tips and Tricks

Last week we launched a month long Instagram contest and we couldn’t be happier about your feedback! Thank you!

Rules:Pic of The Week Winner for week 1

  1. Instagram a pic from any OvR bus trip.
  2. Follow and Tag @OvRride and #DontMissTheBus
  3. At midnight, we count who had the likes on Instagram to determine the “pic of the day”
  4. The next the Pic of the Day is posted on our Instagram AND on Facebook in an album for the designated week for consideration for “Pic of the Week”.
  5. Votes for pic of the week will be considered till midnight on Monday, and announced on Tuesday based on most likes for Pic of the Day. remember, votes will be tallied from Instagram regram and Facebook. Winner has the choice of a trip to Hunter or Windham mountain.
  6. The 4 pics of the week will then advance to decide pic of the month. The 4 pics will be posted on Tuesday 1/22 and votes will be counted from Instagram to determine the winner for Pic of the Month. Votes will count till midnight 1/22 and the winner will be announced on 1/23. Pic of the Month wins a free trip to Sugarbush! 

Questions email Subject Instagram Contest.

Now to help your chances to win a free trip… we wanted to give you some helpful tips to maximize your pic’s exposure and get more likes!


  1. Post early in the day… Votes count till midnight of the day they’re posted. So maximize likes by posting early.
  2.  Tell your friends to vote for you, send them to your post and ask them to vote!
  3. Don’t forget to tag us or won’t see it, and it won’t count. Tag us @OvRride AND #DontMissTheBus. No tag, no go.
  4. Post multiple pics and multiple days! There’s no limit to the number of entries or what day you can post. It just has to be from an OvR trip (it helps if you tell us which one so we can verify).
  5. Follow us so you can keep track of new developments and tips
  6. If your profile is set to private we can’t see your pic or how many people have liked it… so when we request to follow you please accept
  7. If you win pic of the day… your picture will be posted on our feed as well as in an album on Facebook. Votes on OUR Instagram (not your original post) combine with FB votes to determine the winner for pic of the week. Maximize exposure by tagging yourself and your friends on both FB and Instagram.. share it on your Facebook feed, comment on it, send your friends the link… the more attention it gets on FB the more likely ppl will see it and vote for it.
  8. You can search the hashtag #dontmissthebus to see all the pics entered and get some inspiration.

Good luck to everyone and keep those awesome pics coming!!