Jackson Hole Re-Cap


OvRride made its second trip to Jackson Hole on February 26 and we returned March 2. It was a long weekend filled with fresh snow, steep slopes and an amazing crew. As soon as we all met at the gate in Laguardia Airport I knew that this trip was going to be special. Everyone was excited to get to J-Hole and have a great time. Our schedule was jam packed from the beginning with 3.5 days of shredding, numerous crew dinners, hockey games, hot tubbing, dancing and exploring the nightlife and anything else fun we could find!

Jackson_panorama_10_30_smWe flew in Thursday afternoon and our view of the Grand Tetons was spectacular. In the two years we have been going to Jackson we have never seen the Tetons on a clear day. They have been usually covered with clouds and it is  snowing like crazy. We felt so lucky that this years crews first sight of the mountains was almost completely clear. The clouds were rolling in as we were headed to the Snow King Hotel and as I checked the weather report it was supposed to dump 6-8 inches on our first day! The energy was high and people were stoked!!! Since we arrived mid-day on Thursday we got tickets to the Snow King Mountain adjacent to our hotel. Everyone quickly got ready and started charging some laps to warm themselves up for the next couple days at Jackson hole.

  Zion I at the Pink Garter was the best way to start off the first night!!!

After making some turns at Snow King and getting settled into our hotel. Some of us decided to take it to the town of Jackson for some night life. I saw that Zion I was performing at The Pink Garter Theatre so we checked it out. The crowd was hyped and with Zion I performing some classic hits and some new funk style tracks everyone was dancing and singing with their arms raised high in the air. For only being in town for less than 24 hours it seemed like we were all making the right moves for an epic weekend.


When we got to the mountain on friday morning it was snowing heavy and was supposed to continue for most of the day. There was some deep snow out of bounds and even some freshies in bounds as well. The entire crew took it to the slopes tough and we all met up for some food and beers at Casper Bowl and talked about how amazing the conditions were. It was such a great day riding with everyone and charging and exploring the entire mountain. We were all happy with day one and couldn’t wait to get back out the following day.

On day 2 we woke up to bright blue skies and a crispy cool day. The visibility was at 10 miles and with the new snow that fell the night before had us all hyped to get back up to the hill! Everyone caught the first shuttle and got to the mountain for first tram! It was going to be another epic day!

TRAM The Grand Tetons are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. On a clear day at the top of Jackson Hole you can see all of the surrounding mountains of Grand Teton National Park.  This 360 degree view is simply breathtaking. There are so many peaks and valleys that its hard to not think of ways to hike to them so you can get a virgin pow line.


After an amazing bluebird day we all decided to meet at the infamous Mangy Moose for some apres beers and food. After a couple pitchers, the stories started flowing of everyone’s favorite trails, jumps and features. We were all in good spirits as we watched other skiers and riders flow into the moose.

After crushing the Mangy Moose we all headed back to the hotel to relax and enjoy the amenities that the Snow King had to offer. That night we saw one of the best sunsets ever. The sun sets behind Jackson Hole and right in front of our hotel. It brightened the sky with the most vivid, yellows, oranges and pink clouds. It was a site too see for sure. Most of us were in the hot tub, pool or hotel bar as we were watching it all go down! It was a spectacular site and was another amazing end to an epic day in JACKSON HOLE!!!


That night most of us started our evening at the Jackson Moose semi-pro hockey game at the ice arena conveniently located next to our hotel. There was a great vocal crowd, healthy organic food, live music and local beers. After three periods The Moose were up 9-3 and everyone in the place was going wild. It was a high energy game that started our night off right and propelled us to go into town and check the rest of the local scene.

Our first stop was the famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar for drinks, socializing and some  pool. We all gathered around a back table and were talking about the great days that we have been having. As we hung out it was hard not to notice some of the most amazing things that we were surrounded by at the bar. Some of the highlights included the full sized stuffed taxadermy bear, numerous guns, spurs and animal skulls that were on the walls. If you want to get a feel for the wild west this is the spot for sure. One of the most charismatic bars that we have ever seen filled with culture and some cowboys too, Yee Ha!

 The Cowboy Bar always started the night off right!!!

The last day was all about getting those last epic turns in and hitting the wide variety of terrain that the mountain had to offer. A bunch of us started out by taking some warm up tram runs and then we decided to take a hike up Headwall to take advantage of the bluebird day. Though the hike was a trek, by the time we all got to the top the view was completely worth it. We all hung out for a bit and enjoyed the warm sun and outstanding 360 degree view. As we figured out our drop in point we all took it down with style and shredded down the north side of the “bear shoot” that still had some fresh snow. It was the best run of the day weekend for sure and everyone crushed it with eeze.

 Hiking Headwall was one of the best runs we had all weekend! !!!

PARAGLIDING!After a couple laps in the stash park we decided to hit the gondola summit for some much needed food and water. We heard that this was the best spot for food in the entire mountain and that info was right on point!! With some amazing Pha soup and some baked sweet patatoes, everyone was in heaven!! The sun was so bright and it felt so good. As we were packing up we kept seeing a bunch of paragliders running off the top of the summit with guests in tow. It was an amazing experience to watch because they would literally run off the top and get airborne immediately, rising way above the resort. Non of the OvR crew got down with it because our sites were set on finishing the day making turns but it might be fun to check it next year.

The OvR Jackson Hole Super Crew

As we were about to drop in on the last run of the week we decided that we should get one more crew shot for good measure. As the paragliders were blasting off next to us we all got together for this last crew shot before we shredded down the hill. It was a great run for sure and we were all hooting in hollering having a blast all the way to the base. This year’s trip was an amazing success. With fresh snow,  a couple of bluebird days and the over all positive energy that everyone carried with them, OvRride cannot wait to do it again next year!!!! Jackson Hole holds a special place in all of our hearts, This trip was one for the books!!



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