JaPOW, Get on the best snow in the world!!!

Word on the street is true… JAPAN HAS THE BEST SNOW IN THE WORLD!!! No joke… we challenge anyone to prove otherwise! We’ve been scouring the planet for the best snow and year after year Hokkaido has proven to be the unbeatable zone. Year after year, it never stopped snowing, the powder piles up by the foot all day, and all night!!!

At this point we’ve decided OvR will be headed back to Japan every year to take in the rich local culture, the elegant unique vistas, and featherlight wordclass champagne powder. To ensure the most authentic and comprehensive experience, we’ve again teamed up with NYT Snow – The Best Reps in the New York – Japan connection.

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Now that Japan has become an annual destination for OvRride, we know exactly how to do it right. We’ve streamlined our itinerary to ensure we see as much as we can, hit the best resorts in the region, and maximize our time on the Far East Coast.

The majority of our stay will be in Hokkaido, the most northern Japanese Island, which receives the world’s heaviest snowfall recorded annually – FACT!.

NEW this season, we are headed to the Asahidake Region of Hokkaido… the north of that northern island. Instead of heading to Niseko when we depart Rusutsu, our backcountry tour will depart for 2 nights & 2 Days of riding in the backcountry before joining our group in Niseko for a night & day in that region. Rounding out our comprehensive Japanese Experience, we’ve built into our trip an inclusive 2 Day & 3 Nights in Tokyo


• Roundtrip Airfare To and From NYC via JFK (No Airfare Package Available)
• 2 days & 2 nights at Rusutsu Resort, Hokkaido (Breakfasts included)
• Access to Rusutsu Onsens (Hot Springs)
• • 2 days & 2 nights at Niseko Resort, Hokkaido
• Shuttle Transportation to/from and in between airports, hotels & resorts
• 5 Days Lift Tickets at Rusutsu, Asahidake & Niseko Resorts, Hokkaido
• 6 nights lodging in Hokkaido, 2 nights Rusutsu Resort Tower Suite, 2 Nights in Daietsuzan and 2 nights Lodge Koropokkuru
• • 2 Days & 3 Nights in Tokyo, Japan (Lodging & Transportation Included)
• The quintessential Japanese Powder Experience… one hell of a good time

Lodging and Accommodations at the Best Mix of Japan!

Rusutsu Resort Luxury Tower Suites


At Rusutsu, we’ll be staying at the Rusutsu Resort Luxury Tower Suites complete with amenities second to none.

• Full service spa (complete with facial, body, and aroma therapy)

• World famous Onsens (Hot Springs)

• Indoor wavepool featuring a 100m aqua-coaster

• Daily Luxury Breakfast Buffet

• Ski Lockers with book warming area & compressed air blower to clean your equipment


Lodge Koropokkuru in Niseko Hirafu Village

Lodge Kokopuru

At Niseko we’ll be staying right in the Niseko Hirafu Village, and its all about location, right at the base of the mountain’s lift access.

• Traditional Japanese Tatami Rooms, complete with tatami beds and tea set

• Short walk to restaurants, shops & bars.

• Mix of private rooms and communal spaces promotes great social atmosphere

Shirakabaso Backcountry Lodge

Daietsuzan Lodge

During the Backcountry Tour, while in Daisetsuzan we’ll be staying at Shirakabaso Lodge in Asahidake. If you’re not into the backcountry… that’s cool, there are trails there too. It’s out there in the Japanese Backcountry, ensuring a very authentic Japanese Experience

• Authentic Locally Sourced Japanese Dinner Included Nightly

• Indoor and Outdoor Onsen (All natural Spring baths)

• Access to some of the best backcountry powder in the world

• One of the most epic scenic views of the Japanese Backcountry via the lodge Observatory

Shinbashi Tokyu Inn

While in Tokyo, We’ll be staying right in the heart of the city

I doubt Tokyo needs much description or introduction, just take whatever your perception of it is and add a heaping scoop of awesome!
While in Tokyo, we’ll be lodging at the Shinbashi Tokyu Inn. The rooms are quaint and european style, but the location is what its all about. We’ll be right in the mix to maximize our few days in Tokyo and experience one of the world’s most happening cities.

If you decide to apply for a job, move into an apartment, and start a new life in Japan… we’ll understand.


Daily Schedule:

• Friday February 14th – Flight Leaves from NYC to Tokyo, Japan
• Saturday February 15th – Arrive in Tokyo, Connect Flight to Hokkaido, Check into Rusutsu Resort
• Sunday February 16th – Ride Rusutsu by day / Explore the local flavor at night
• Monday February 17th – Ride Rusutsu by day / Transfer to Asaidake
• Tuesday February 18th – Ride Asaidake by day / Explore the local flavor at night
• Wednesday February 19th – Free Day Asaidake by day / shuttle to and check into Niseko Resort
• Thursday February 20th – Ride Niseko by day / Explore the local flavor at night
• Friday February 21st – Ride Niseko by day / shuttle to Chitose Airport, Depart for Tokyo
• Saturday February 22nd – Free Day in Tokyo – (Lodging Included)
• Sunday February 23rd – Free Day in Tokyo – (Lodging Included)
• Monday February 24th – Morning in Tokyo, Flight departs for NYC 11am

Exact daily schedule subject to change due to weather, transportation delays, or other unforeseen circumstances


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