Jeremy Mountain – StoweKD on 1/1-1/3


Hope everyone had a good holiday! Psyched to say, I got what I wanted for Christmas… some snow and cold temps! Now, I know it has yet to legitimately snow in the city but don’t discount the significant weather change in the highlands. There’s been some steady winter working its way into the Catskills and the VT mountains.

To start the new year, I was lucky enough to run our StoweKD Weekend I trip with fellow longtime OvR crewman and serious shredder, C-Mart. In summation — Stowe is where it’s at and it looks like winter up north is here to stay!

It was a whiteout up top!
It was a whiteout up top!

It was 1/1 for 2016 and our crew awaiting our bus’s arrival, sincerest StoweKD! We loaded up and took off on the 7+ hour journey to Northern VT to set the tone, 2016 THERE WILL BE WINTER! Sure enough, the snow gods were on our side… it was snowing upon our arrival. We’re not talking a little bit of snow, this was REAL SNOW, it was the first DUMP of the new year! As you can imagine, this turned spirits up… everyone was super psyched to ring in the new year with a couple fresh inches of powder!

New Years Resolution – Squad Goals – Completed


The following two days were definitely the best conditions I’ve ridden so far this season. The snow never let up, and it went on dumping the entire weekend. Saturday morning there were 3-4 fresh inches and Sunday followed with some more fresh of it’s own. Sure, it’s not the 2 feet we got last year at Stowe, but with a slow start to the season so far, it sure felt like it was! Our whole crew was getting after it! We most definitely went on to OvRride Stowe!

The highlight of the weekend for me had to be investigation of a few closed off trails that C-Mart, myself and a few other shredders looked out. Sure, you’re not supposed to ride on a closed trail… so let’s just say, they didn’t “appear to be open”… who’s to say? I do know this… they were glorious! FRESH LINES, DEEP SNOW, with a ton of rollers and side hits. It’s a good thing all of our crew at OvR , myself included, file for our snow investigator certification annually. (Trust me, it’s a thing)

Butter or Bail?
Butter or Bail?

After waiting for it to start over the last month, we got it! Riding at Stowe felt as if there were almost no consequences. The extra few inches of snow and proper base made falls a lot easier to withstand. Goodbye bulletproof conditions, hello to the winter I remember!

It was a bail! Front 180 to the face!

C-Mart went to back me up off the same hit, and sure… he was more successful than I was. Next time, he’s first!


All in all, it was a pretty amazing weekend. We’ve become accustomed to having awesome guests join us, so it was no surprise that we had a solid crew of people shredding the weekend away. What better way could you start off the new year? If this is what 2016 is all about for me, I’m StoweKD it’s finally here! I hope to see all of you on our next trip. Don’t forget… we still have 2 more weekends up at Stowe this season…





This is Jeremy Mountain!

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